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The Washington Post Sunday – May 20 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Alas …’ IFEAR
‘Deception’ network ABC
‘Didn’t expect to find you here!’ OHHI
‘Here’s the thing …’ SEE
‘Hurry!’ in a hospital STAT
‘I Like’ singer Hilson KERI
‘Manufacturing Consent’ co-author Chomsky NOAM
‘Pixie’ singer DiFranco ANI
‘Roger that’ WILLDO
‘That would be nice!’ IHOPE
‘Yes We ___’ (Obama campaign slogan) CAN
‘You got burned!’ SNAP
‘___ luck, pal!’ LOTSA
*’Dragnet’ actor Jack alongside an ‘Alice’ waitress? WEBBANDFLO
*’Kendrick Lamar’s album ‘Damn.’ is awesome and worthy of the Pulitzer,’ e.g.? RAPPRAISE
*Big gas company’s cherub? SHELLSANGEL
*Brief way of introducing actress Adams to actress Stone? AMYSHARON
*Choice between a campfire treat and guitar legend Paul? SMOREORLES
*Description of the players on the court during the NBA All-Star Game, in terms of their wealth? TENRICHMEN
*Help yourself to whichever rodent? EATANYRAT
*Pumbaa’s way of saying, ‘Look out for that squeezing snake!’ to his meerkat buddy? TIMONABOA
*Repetitive series of German grunts? ACHACHACH
*Way of measuring the number of times someone says, ‘Uh-uh,’ compared with ‘Yup’? NOPERATIO
1669 erupter ETNA
2 on the Mohs scale GYPSUM
2017 MLB All-Star Game MVP Robinson CANO
Abolitionist Mott LUCRETIA
Air sign LIBRA
Animal on a Trix box RABBIT
As such PERSE
Atlantis destination SPACE
Backsplash components TILES
Barbershop voices TENORS
Behind, gambling-wise INAHOLE
Beverage with espresso MOCHA
Bilko’s rank: Abbr SGT
Black mark on Odie SPOT
Black Russian liqueur KAHLUA
Blacken, as ribs CHAR
Brown address part EDU
Brown bread spread NUTELLA
Bypass surgery site AORTA
Caltech’s city PASADENA
Check signer ENDORSER
Chess grandmaster Carlsen MAGNUS
Child of King Triton ARIEL
Cinephiles’ spools REELS
Circular ___ SAW
Clothing label TAG
Congressional rejection NAY
Constantly criticize NAG
Corrodes, as old bikes RUSTS
Cosmetics surname LAUDER
Disadvantage CON
Disks at an arcade TOKENS
Disparage strongly TRASH
Div. for the O’s ALEAST
Diversion on a kid’s place mat MAZE
Doodles, say DRAWS
Douglas ___ FIR
Dr. who created ‘The Chronic’ DRE
Drink with ‘legs’ WINE
Dull photo finishes MATTES
Duo on the road, maybe LANES
Dutch painter Jan STEEN
ESPN Radio commentator Mike GOLIC
F neighbor GFLAT
Famed ‘comedy’ writer DANTE
Fields of endeavor AREAS
Flower ___ GIRL
Fork-tailed bird TERN
Four Seasons rival OMNI
Clues Answers
Gillette’s ___ II razor TRAC
Goes back to square one, and what’s spelled out by certain letters in this puzzle STARTSANEW
Golden ring not worn on one’s hand HALO
Hamal’s constellation ARIES
Hardly a nice doggy CUR
Having the means ABLE
Hawaiian celebration featuring floral rings LEIDAY
He once asked Buzz Aldrin, ‘Is you upset that Michael Jackson got all the credit for inventing the moonwalk?’ ALIG
He reviewed many pictures EBERT
In great supply GALORE
Jessica of ‘The Veil’ ALBA
Lea creatures EWES
Lead-in to a Blues or Jazz score, at times ASSIST
Like Goodwill items USED
Like mood rings RETRO
Like some cavities NASAL
Like the Iron Giant ROBOTIC
Mad Hatter’s drinks TEAS
Measure of power WATTAGE
Nautical stabilizer KEEL
Nectarine discard PIT
Nerf gun’s darts, e.g AMMO
Noise from a fan RAH
Number for a gale on the Beaufort scale EIGHT
Official decrees DICTA
Old Testament prophet HOSEA
One of a Zappos pair SHOE
One pointing out the elephant in the room? ZOOKEEPER
Online rival of Fidelity ETRADE
Organ with an auricle EAR
Oudomxay’s nation LAOS
Outs at trials ALIBIS
Passel of vessels FLEET
Pilates alternative YOGA
Pole on a ship MAST
Pouty kid’s attitude SASS
Practice with covens WICCA
Private homes? BASES
Ramshackle SEEDY
Rare item, at times TBONE
Remain at home for the evening STAYIN
Rex, to Reagan PET
Roman love god AMOR
Run ___ of AFOUL
Sci-fi love of 105 Across LEIA
Sci-fi love of 87 Down HAN
Shortly, in odes ANON
Shots are put on one TAB
Singer-songwriter Rice DAMIEN
Social satirist Mort SAHL
Some cave dwellings DENS
Some leading ladies STARLETS
Something we hate ANATHEMA
St. ___ fire ELMOS
Stares vacantly GAWKS
Subject of optics LIGHT
Swerved wildly CAREENED
Telemarketer’s talk SPIEL
Three-time NHL MVP ORR
Tight garments CORSETS
Transform RESHAPE
Triggered a buzzer on a game show, perhaps ERRED
Turn-tables link THE
TV announcer Hall EDD
U.N. member since 1991 LITHUANIA
Up to, informally TIL
Up-to-the-minute LATEST
Wash cycle RINSE
What a white peg signifies in Battleship MISS
Where ID is shown? USMAP
___ Nostra COSA
___ Outfitters URBAN