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The Washington Post Sunday – May 26 2019

Published in The Washington Post Sunday Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
‘Ceci n’est ___ une pipe’ (text written on a Magritte painting) PAS
‘Dirty Harry’ director Don SIEGEL
‘Don’t change a thing!’ LOVEIT
‘If you ___ us, do we not bleed?’ (line from ‘The Merchant of Venice’) PRICK
‘Juneteenth’ author Ellison RALPH
‘Law & Order: ___’ SVU
‘Night Mail’ poet AUDEN
‘Piecing Me Together’ author Watson RENEE
‘The Colossus’ painter GOYA
‘Well then, that makes sense’ AHOKAY
‘What a catastrophe!’ OHGOD
‘___ would fall back to Earth, so fortresses should be built on solid ground’ CASTLESINTHEAIR
‘___, and that ruler should release his hostage’ PAYAKINGSRANSOM
‘___, and the blades will intersect’ CROSSSWORDS
‘___, and the dismount from that large steed will be complete’ GETOFFYOURHIGHHORSE
‘___, and you’ll be lauding that nobleman’ PRAISETHELORD
‘___, and you’ll loudly call attention to that monarch’ SCREAMQUEEN
‘___? Over there, in black armor’ THEDARKKNIGHT
1978 horror film inspired by ‘Jaws’ PIRANHA
41 Down, e.g TEST
Accustom (to) INURE
Altar statements IDOS
Amusement park freebies MAPS
Approach GONEAR
Apt rhyme of ‘trike’ TYKE
Aragon appetizers TAPAS
As late as UNTIL
Bard’s plotter IAGO
Be whistled for six personals, in the NBA FOULOUT
Bill known for 14 Down NYE
Bit of desert flora AGAVE
Bit of subterfuge PLOY
Blow, like Krakatoa ERUPT
Bodybuilders might make them ‘bounce’ PECS
Bungle ERR
Bygone Dodge model OMNI
CBS journalist O’Donnell NORAH
Cereal bowl filler MILK
Collection of sheets REAM
Concurrence in Cancun SISI
Consequential period ERA
Containers used on Food Network’s ‘Kids Baking Championship’ CAKEPANS
Deer, to a tiger PREY
Delta force member? PLANE
Demonstrate frugality SCRIMP
Double-headed beast on Russia’s coat of arms EAGLE
Early years, for many GIRLHOOD
EcoTank printer maker EPSON
Electrical unit OHM
Electrical unit VOLT
Electromagnetic field? SCIENCE
Elicit EDUCE
Emulate the Jets and the Sharks SKATE
Enters quickly RACESIN
Entertainment for NCOs USO
Establish legislatively ENACT
Exam that seems apt for future theater majors ACT
Exhibiting bad manners RUDE
Feature of an op-ed SLANT
Fed. workplace monitor OSHA
Fig. factoring into academic honors GPA
Flamboyant SHOWY
Flower feature, often AROMA
Folkloric Himalayan YETI
Golden rule word UNTO
Hectare’s 2.47 ACRES
Hephaestus, to Hera SON
Hold forth ORATE
Homer’s dad ABE
Imminent NIGH
Implements for many puzzle solvers PENS
In accordance (with) ALONG
Informant’s item WIRE
Instagram upload IMAGE
Instrument with a bridge VIOLA
It’s its own cube root ONE
Kohl succeeded as chancellor by Gerhard Schröder HELMUT
Landlocked Asian sea ARAL
Liability’s opposite ASSET
Lighten EASE
Like a trickster KNAVISH
Like dollar-store goods CHEAP
Like the atmosphere of cigar lounges SMOKY
Listing on RxList DRUG
Lo ___ (noodle dish) MEIN
Material no longer used in new pianos IVORY
Meeting for an affair TRYST
Mimì’s sweetheart in ‘La Bohème’ RODOLFO
Most far-reaching VASTEST
Nation whose flag features a stylized version of the word ‘Allah’ IRAN
Notorious emperor NERO
Old news paper? SCROLL
One influenced by Marcus Garvey’s teachings RASTA
One-named singer with the 1982 No. 3 hit ‘I’ve Never Been to Me’ CHARLENE
Patrol figure COP
Perceived to be SEENAS
Plum or raspberry, e.g COLOR
Power pack? ELITES
Product number? COST
Productions with lines PLAYS
Protested a la Colin Kaepernick KNELT
Quit slouching SATUP
Reed section member OBOE
References CITES
Rock bottom locales? CAVES
See 43 Down ROMAN
Seized auto, briefly REPO
Slakes, as thirst QUENCHES
Snake alternative DRANO
Source of ‘Toonces the Driving Cat’ sketches SNL
Spotters’ spots GYMS
Spread apart SPLAYED
Strip bare DENUDE
Strong craving URGE
Stuck in Pamplona? GORED
Supplied, as with pills DOSED
Supporting PRO
Tax form ID SSN
Televised again RERAN
Thesaurus possessive ROGETS
They get fired when people are in distress FLAREGUNS
This and that STUFF
Thrash metal band with the songs ‘Spill the Blood’ and ‘Kill Again’ SLAYER
Thunderous sound CLAP
Travelers’ oases RESTSTOPS
Tree of knowledge site EDEN
Tribute to an icon, say ODE
Unanticipated setback SNAG
Untainted PURE
Updates, as statutes AMENDS
Used a dirigible, say FLEW
Valuable sparkler GEM
Waffling response IMAY
Warlock’s practice MAGIC
Was in the red OWED
Weapon in a slumber party fight PILLOW
With 95 Down, wrestling style GRECO
___ Penh PHNOM
___-binary (genderqueer) NON