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The Washington Post Sunday – May 27 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Between dried grapes made by Mr. Ripken and Ms. Peeples, which do you prefer?’ CALORNIARAISINS
‘GoldenEye’ singer Turner TINA
‘I can’t agree to that’ NODEAL
‘I don’t want to hear any excuses,’ as well as a hint to this puzzle’s theme NOIFSANDSORBUTS
‘I’m uncertain’ NOTSURE
‘Just wait there’ ONESEC
‘Madam Secretary’ star LEONI
‘Man, my knee is killing me!’ OWOW
‘Mr. Sajak, be less noisy’? PATSOFTER
‘Rainbow Connection’ singer KERMIT
‘Runaway’ writer Alice MUNRO
‘Talk to Her’ director Almodóvar PEDRO
‘Things are getting exciting,’ in slang ITSLIT
‘This floral ring’s not long enough’? LEISTOOSHORT
‘What’s more …’ ALSO
‘___ the Woods’ INTO
1999 film that satirized reality shows EDTV
Academic equal PEER
Accomplishes ATTAINS
Affectionate, so to speak WARM
Animal in a raft OTTER
Anna’s animated sister ELSA
Aquatic apex predator ORCA
Arrival phrase HEREIAM
Ask for a hand? ANTE
Asmara native, e.g ERITREAN
Assent in Avignon OUI
Assist feloniously ABET
Attractive, as a slithery fish would be? EELPRETTY
Awards won by Dianne Wiest and Meryl Streep during the early 1980s OBIES
Baa-rnyard beasts? SHEEP
Badgers persistently NAGS
Biological ___ SEX
Bitter drinks, at times ALES
Bleachers exclamation RAH
Celtics coach Stevens BRAD
Certain rehab program DETOX
Chain with omelets IHOP
Chinese menu name TSO
Come to a conclusion END
Computer gaming platform developed by Valve Corp STEAM
Contemporary of Degas RENOIR
Course difficulty BADLIE
Cry on a sinking ship SOS
Cutlery belonging to the star of ‘Moonstruck’? CHERKNIVES
CX-9 maker MAZDA
David who sings with the parody K-pop group Boys Generally Asian CHOI
Dedicatee of a posthumously published bagatelle ELISE
Desert north of the Hexi Corridor GOBI
Didn’t just sense KNEW
Discontinued iPods NANOS
Does some Cuban dance moves MAMBOS
Drafted, in a way PENNED
Emcee’s lines INTRO
Espresso froth CREMA
Exam for H.S. students SAT
Excessively ornate GARISH
Exercise one’s rights? SPAR
Exhibit poor behavior ACTUP
Festive nights, perhaps EVES
Fighting forces commanded by the leader of the Police? STINGARMIES
Finish, as a playoff series CLOSEOUT
Force DINT
Gabriel who taught Maurice Ravel FAURE
Garden implement SPADE
Go down TUMBLE
Gonna, any minute now ABOUTTO
Gun-control activist González EMMA
Help, as a weightlifter SPOT
Herbal beverage with a colorful name REDTEA
High-altitude cryptid YETI

Clues Answers
Highfalutin person SNOB
It sets down roots TREE
Keogh plan alternatives IRAS
Lacking in originality TRITE
Lift weights? ELEVATORTONS
Like Facebook posts about Facebook, say META
Like many ruins OLD
Like some screams PRIMAL
Little battery size AAA
Lyre-wielding muse ERATO
Made loud noises ROARED
Major energy source GAS
Major energy source OIL
Maker of Meal Helpers dog food ALPO
Male 14 Across RAMS
Mama’s mama NANA
Mixed up the facts, say ERRED
Moistened bit of cloth WETNAP
More rambunctious ROWDIER
Namesake of many Cath. churches STMARY
NBA star Victor Oladipo, e.g PACER
Olfactory detections AROMAS
One of Sybil’s sisters on ‘Downton Abbey’ EDITH
Opening season? YULETIDE
Organ with an anvil EAR
Overseas pass word EURAIL
Part of MPG PER
Plow pioneer DEERE
Porter at O’Hare, say SKYCAP
Possible result of a double, briefly RBI
Quicksand pit, e.g TRAP
R&B singer Eric BENET
Relax in a jacuzzi SOAK
Remain edible KEEP
Resonator guitar brand DOBRO
Rorschach test shapes BLOTS
Sans-serif choice ARIAL
Schrödinger’s birth city VIENNA
Scintilla TRACE
Sea creature with nematocysts POLYP
Seller of the Crispy Colonel Sandwich KFC
Sensed FELT
Sharing word OUR
Ship section STERN
Shopping pickup ITEM
Slowly, to Vivaldi ADAGIO
Small heads? LAVS
Sound of snickering TEEHEE
Southern Wisconsin city KENOSHA
Succumb to exhaustion NODOFF
Summer hiree, maybe INTERN
Supplied with grub FED
Sweet dessert shaped like pitcher Young? CHOCOLATECY
Swing dance garb ZOOTSUIT
Time piece? OPED
Tunnel builder ANT
University of Latvia city RIGA
Utilize a sofa SIT
Verb on a soup can STIR
Wedding rental, maybe TENT
Well-liked opponent of the GOP? POPULARDEM
Whitewater rental KAYAK
Wild plum SLOE
Word often after ‘you’ ARE
Ziggy Marley, to Bob Marley SON
___ Brothers Band (apt name for a band founded by six guys) ALLMAN
___ fly SAC
___ Lingus Regional AER
___ Parker (the kid of the 2010 film ‘The Karate Kid’) DRE
___ Piper (start-up tech company in HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’) PIED
___ school MED
___-fire RAPID