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The Washington Post Sunday – May 6 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ network ABC
‘Grow old along with me! / The best is ___ to be’: Browning YET
‘Hope you like it!’ ENJOY
‘In case we forgot …’ ALSO
‘Night’ writer Wiesel ELLIE
‘Sculpture to Be Lost in the Forest’ sculptor ARP
‘Shall We Dance’ dance TANGO
‘Sounds good’ SURE
‘Thanks a ___’ LOTS
‘Toy Story’ character with tiny arms, aptly REX
‘You really think so?’ ISIT
104 Down, e.g GOOD
Action film highlight STUNT
Actress Headey or Horne LEONA
Airport wheels CAB
Amazon features RAPIDS
Anger VEX
Antiquity YORE
As a result, in legalese HEREBY
Athletics achievement? HIT
Bagel store option LOX
Bake sale org PITA
Busts, prints, etc ART
Called before a wedding NEE
Catapult constructor of sci-fi EWOK
Cerro Bonete’s range ANDES
Certain marketing ploy SPAM
Certain savings option TRADITIONALIRA
Chilly response IMCOLD
Christmas lights site PINE
City seen in Instagram? AGRA
Clipped, as on a farm SHORN
CNN journalist Ganim SARA
Comment expressed online as ¯\_(”/)_/¯ DUNNO
Completed ROVER
Cooperation obstacle EGO
Crescent tip CUSP
Crushed, as an exam ACED
Cupcake, doughnut or snickerdoodle, e.g COMPOUNDWORD
Custom WONT
Czech singer Lounová OLGA
Demands EXACTS
Devour, with ‘down’ SNARF
Distributes, with ‘out’ METES
Drill sergeant’s address SIRI
Emulate Janis Joplin RASP
Enterprise empath TROI
Event with haupia LUAU
Exchange secret vows ELOPE
Expert on hemispheres NEUROSCIENTIST
Fairy tale land, maybe REALM
Fall fashion item, maybe COAT
False start? PSEUDO
Feature of Metallica’s ‘(Anesthesia) — Pulling Teeth’ BASSSOLO
First film depicting the criminal org. SPECTRE DRNO
First part of 37 Down, at times HER
Flagrant caller REF
Fragrant garden hybrid with a variety called Garden Party TEAROSE
Frat bud BRO
Genetic ‘messenger’ RNA
Glyceride, e.g ESTER
GM’s tracking system ONSTAR
Golf bag item TREE
Google Play offering APP
Guy’s makeup item, in slang MANSCARA
He broke Michael’s heart FREDO
Hill reporting on Hill news ERICA
Home of the Colchester United Football Club ESSEX listing JOB
Inflate, as a résumé PAD
Insectivore in a cave BAT
Clues Answers
It may be fed through a slot MAIL
It may display X and Y GRAPH
It may precede X or Y GEN
Kind of fight where one may take a dive? AERIALCOMBAT
Labyrinth locale in Greek myth CREATE
Legendary thief HERMES
Life spans of suns EONS
Like diamonds HARD
Lousy publication RAGU
Love interest for both Gob and Michael on ‘Arrested Development’ MARTA
Low-tech screenplay producers? PENS
Maintains HOLDSTO
MD workplaces EARS
Member of a famous quartet BEATLE
Middle name of the 20th U.S. president ABRAM
Moisturizer additive ALONE
Mount Silisili’s nation SAMOA
Need hydrocortisone, perhaps ITCH
Noble headpieces CORONETS
Not in a forgiving mood SORE
Of concern to Francis PAPAL
Offer a carrot to, say TEMPT
Old Geo models METROS
Old Venetian officials DODGES
One behaving badly after a sports championship, say RIOTER
One of 311 at the Monument to the Great Fire of London STAIR
One with ambition GOGETTER
Org. concerned with exposure to chemicals OSHA
Passing, as bills ENACTING
Pertain RELATE
Physics calculation SPEED
Pilot’s location GASSTOVE
Points of writing DOTS
Port vessel LINER
Primary strategy PLANAR
Pub serving ALEE
Remained idle SPAT
Rizzo and others, on ‘The Muppet Show’ RATS
Royal navy letters HMS
She defeated Martina in 1999 for her first Grand Slam singles title SERENA
Short albums, for short EPPS
Short list ender ETAL
Some donations OVA
Some donations ALMS
Start of many a story NONCE
Stud farm figures SIRES
Stuff in some guns GLUE
Suitcase attachment IDTAG
Supporter of the tarts TRAY
Surprised salutation OHHI
Survey info AGEE
Taro-based paste POI
Tenth version of an Apple platform OSX
Tiny tunnel builder AINT
Tool box? AMP
Top story ATTICA
Toy that may be shaped like a dragon KITE
Trattoria preference that means ‘to the tooth’ ALDENTE
Tusked creatures BOARDS
Uber charge FLARE
Vacation spot in France or Italy RIVIERA
Victorious exclamation WEWIN
Viscous substance GOO
What a brat may lose TVTIME
What heaven takes its law from, per Lao Tzu TAO
Work featuring a trip to California THEGRAPESOFWRATH
Work on a date, say EAT
Zoo attractions APRES
Zwolf divided by vier DREI
___ Club SAMS
___ favor POUR
___ feet CUBIC
___ Millions OMEGA