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The Washington Post Sunday – Nov 1 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Washington Post Sunday Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Black Water’ author Joyce Carol ___ OATES
‘Bus Stop’ playwright William INGE
‘Can I ___ your phone?’ USE
‘Come in the morning while the ___ of night, / Which are fair Nature’s tears in darkness shed’: Wilfrid Scawen Blunt DEWS
‘Doing fine’ IMOK
‘Hey, check this out!’ OHLOOK
‘In here, quickly!’ HIDE
‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night’ playwright ONEILL
‘Mean Girls’ producer Michaels LORNE
‘Misty’ singer Fitzgerald ELLA
‘Napoleon Dynamite’ actress Majorino TINA
‘OMG, we’re having a blast!’ ITSLIT
‘Pull the plug on the whole thing!’ SHUTITDOWN
‘Silent All These Years’ singer Amos TORI
‘The Rapture’ actress Rogers MIMI
‘This hot tub feels nice!’ AAH
‘Whatever you say’ SURE
‘Wild’ star Witherspoon REESE
‘You win’ ILOSE
‘You’ve got that right!’ AMEN
2018 Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Steve NASH
Ace Hardware offerings TOOLS
Adorn ornately GILD
Again ANEW
Allocate, with ‘out’ METE
Apt soda pop for pops? DADS
Awards for off- and off-off-Broadway shows OBIES
Bespectacled pirate in ‘Peter Pan’ SMEE
Burnt firewood residue ASH
Characters in Lara Prescott’s novel ‘The Secrets We Kept’ SPIES
Chardonnay and riesling, e.g WHITEWINES
Cheetah feature SPEED
Chronological chunks ERAS
Claim again, as power REASSERT
Close off from others ISOLATE
Clue weapon ROPE
Contrapuntal musical piece composed by a fiction author? LITERARYCANON
Defeat decisively TROMP
Difficult NOTEASY
Diminish the strength of DILUTE
Dr. Robotnik’s hedgehog foe in video games SONIC
Driving range prop TEE
Extremely foolish ASININE
Eye on one’s arm, e.g., briefly TAT
Fly with duplicated letters TSETSE
Follows HEEDS
Food bank donations CANS
Form of self-reflection? ECHO
Freezes HALTS
Georges whose book ‘A Void’ notably avoided the letter E PEREC
Grammy winner Harper BEN
Guy doing corp. spin PRMAN
Hawaiian wedding band instrument, for short UKE
He has 2020 visions BIDEN
Herb on caprese pizza BASIL
Hr. when you may leave ETD
Identify, as on social media TAG
Imaginative instrumental work composed by a stoner? HIGHFANTASY
In the neighborhood LOCAL
Informal refusal NAH
Instrumental piece composed by a South Korean car salesman? HYUNDAISONATA
Invites, as one’s Tinder match ASKSOUT
Is situated atop LIESON
Italian setting of the Palazzo Giusti VERONA
Like Kramer in ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ REPEATED
Like many black light theater productions ARTSY
Like sleep free of nightmares, say DREAMLESS
Like some marsh plants REEDY
Like some radiation SOLAR
Lion voiced by Beyoncé in the 2019 remake of ‘The Lion King’ NALA
Low coral islands CAYS
Making an ocean voyage ASEA
Military squad UNIT
Minor thing to ‘pick’ NIT
Mister, in Münster HERR
Most important MAIN
Move quickly DASH
Movie review symbols STARS
Multi-movement work composed by a concierge? HOTELSUITE
National coup? HOMERUN
Occupy, as an activist might SITIN
Occurring a single time ONESHOT
Old what’s-his-___ NAME
Olympics event with a loaded weapon SKEET
Olympics event with an electrified weapon EPEE
On the ___ (exactly) NOSE
One bearing antennae INSECT
Org. fighting speciesism PETA
Overhauled, as an essay REWROTE
Parker at a restaurant VALET
Pass over, vocally ELIDE
Passage you know by heart? AORTA
Pest hopping on hounds FLEA
Piece of attire once worn at the Colosseum TOGA
PJs top, perhaps TSHIRT
Platte River people OTOES
Poet whom Pope Francis called ‘a prophet of hope, a herald of humanity’s possible redemption and liberation’ DANTE
Presented perspectives OPINED
Queen of Olympus HERA
Radiate, as heat EMIT
Raleigh sch NCSTATE
Reason for suing TORT
Rhythmic musical piece composed by a dissident? PROTESTMARCH
Rowdy crowd sound RAH
Sacred choral work composed by a detractor? CRITICALMASS
Saints’ city, briefly NOLA
Sch. that trains many physicists MIT
She called Chewbacca a ‘big walking carpet’ LEIA
Show hostility toward SNAPAT
Shower cleaner? SOAP
Site of a certain type of city garden ROOF
Snooty sort SNOB
Some D.C. electees REPS
Some university retirees EMERITI
Spots for pleasure craft MARINAS
Steve who invented a wristwatch that allowed him and Carl Winslow to travel back in time URKEL
Stock characters in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ BIKERS
Store hours contraction TIL
Sturdy plant associated with the underworld in Celtic mythology ELMTREE
The E of Ransom E. Olds ELI
Theatrical musical work composed by a jockey? HORSEOPERA
Tower full of grain SILO
Tricksy types SCAMPS
Tuna salad seller DELI
Type of dip, or a type of dance with dips SALSA
Veto NIX
Vichyssoise ingredient LEEK
Vocal piece composed by a yodeler? MOUNTAINAIR
What’s claimed when calling shotgun FRONTSEAT
Whimsically amusing DROLL
Woodpecker’s dwelling NEST
Woodwind heard in ‘Take Five’ ALTOSAX
Wormhole in sci-fi, e.g PORTAL
[Please milk me, human] MOO
___ comedy (genre featuring awkward, embarrassing situations) CRINGE
___ Philharmonic (Pennsylvania orchestra) ERIE
___ Vegas Raiders LAS
___-wheel drive REAR