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The Washington Post Sunday – Nov 15 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Washington Post Sunday Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘A long time ago in a galaxy ___, ___ away …’ FAR
‘Able was I ere I saw ___’ (palindrome) ELBA
‘Afternoon of an Elf’ composer Garner ERROLL
‘Any moment now’ SOON
‘Come on, move it!’ FASTER
‘Da 5 Bloods’ director Spike LEE
‘Deck the Halls’ contraction TIS
‘Doctor Zhivago’ actor Guinness ALEC
‘Fine and Mellow’ singer Jones ETTA
‘Gone’ actress Seyfried AMANDA
‘If ___ heart fails thee, climb not at all’: Elizabeth I THY
‘Same for me’ SOAMI
‘Tell us how you really feel!’ SAYIT
‘The Eye’ actress Jessica ALBA
‘The Wooden Prince’ composer Bartók BELA
‘Tricked you!’ PSYCH
‘You can stop saluting now, private’ ATEASE
‘___ way!’ ATTA
‘___ we all?’ ARENT
1960s-style suffix that means ‘in abundance’ AGOGO
2020 World Series runners-up RAYS
Actor who provided the voice of the octopus Hank in ‘Finding Dory’ EDONEILL
Adorn, as some jewelry GILD
Animated daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna ELSA
Arriving when expected ONTIME
Beginning on ASOF
Big bird with tiny wings EMU
Bit of skiing wear, maybe MITTEN
British record co EMI
Chain component RETAILSTORE
Churchgoer’s affirmation AMEN
Collapsible beds COTS
Comedian Rhodes ERICA
Constant care, to an infant NEED
Cookie cutter? BAKER
Cosmetics titan Lauder ESTEE
Desert elevation MESA
Device with a bulb LAMP
Diatribe over a president’s record, e.g POLEMIC
Disgusting shipwrecked ship on a TV sitcom? GROSSSSMINNOW
Ecclesiastical official PRELATE
Entering this answer at 106 Down, e.g ERROR
Exercise with a form called Playing the Lute TAICHI
Fireplace residue SOOT
Fireplace residue ASH
Flipped (through) LEAFED
Frida Kahlo’s field ART
Gives cards to DEALSIN
Glass part of a skylight PANE
Gomez’s texting sign-off to his hairy relative? COUSINITTTTYL
Good badminton service ACE
Got down during a knighting ceremony KNEELED
Groups of four, and what’s spelled out by the groups of four in this puzzle’s theme answers TETRADS
Hackathon projects APPS
Hamm who was the first woman inducted into the World Football Hall of Fame MIA
Home of the jets AIRBASE
Host of the ‘Louder Than a Riot’ podcast NPR
Hot bodies in space SUNS
Human right? EAST
In a nimble way SPRYLY
Inactivity activity SLEEPING
Includes, with ‘in’ ADDS
Informal guess STAB
Inventor of the flute, per Greek myth ATHENA
Jazz saxophonist Brown ARI
Labels for gory movies, as assigned by the Beatles’ Ringo? STARRRRATINGS
Lacked HADNT
Large amount ATON
Large hammer SLEDGE
Last-fighter-standing contest BATTLEROYAL
Like the first digit of pi ODD
Like the taste of milk chocolate SWEET
Line that intersects a curve at two points SECANT
Made surgical cuts in INCISED
Maker of giant rubber bands (for tripping roadrunners) ACME
Misbehaving kid IMP
Mixed martial artist Diaz NATE
Moundville Native American Festival’s state ALABAMA
Moves, as product SELLS
Newsletter tidbit ITEM
Not distracted FOCUSED
Odom Jr.’s role opposite Miranda’s Hamilton BURR
Olive in cartoons OYL
One in a family tree SON
Ones exposed by fact-checkers LIARS
Opera singer Fleming RENEE
Opposite of cheerful MOROSE
Papier-___ MACHE
Passed-down tales LORE
Pea family shrub ACACIA
Petty vindictiveness SPITE
Pick up DETECT
Play to the crowd PANDER
Poker player’s action BET
Prepares for a book club meeting READS
President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud ABBAS
Promise to provide congers and morays? GUARANTEEEELS
Pull in, like a magnet ATTRACT
Puts down LAYS
Quite cross IRATE
Recipient of a land grant? HEIR
Recipient of a neonatologist’s care, informally PREEMIE
Rejection in the Senate NAY
Rest ___ (driver’s stop) AREA
Result of a math test? SUM
Ring, as a bell TOLL
Roman emperor who fiddled, as legend has it NERO
Round before the finals SEMIS
Ruin the appearance of MAR
Savanna antelope IMPALA
Sch. where the first Internet message was transmitted (in 1969) UCLA
Scratch out, with ‘out’ EKE
See 95 Down KIT
Setting for many a high-speed chase FREEWAY
Shade on the Chicago Bulls uniform RED
Singer Reeves with the album ‘Beautiful Life’ DIANNE
Skip, as school DITCH
Sneaker pattern TREAD
Social pressure source PEER
Societal instability ANOMIE
Soft summons PSST
Steep-walled passages GORGES
Striped hyena relative featured on ESPNU? NCAAAARDWOLF
Strips for oboists REEDS
Styx guitarist Tommy SHAW
Subjects of many viral videos PETS
Take part in a consumer protest over sporty car roofs? BOYCOTTTTOPS
Tax-deferred plan, briefly IRA
The only carbon-negative country in the world (since 2017) BHUTAN
They may wear matching outfits during their youth TWINS
Till now ASYET
Toasted lunches, often BLTS
Transcript listing COURSE
Upper part of a torso BUST
Vented rock MAGMA
Ward of ‘The Fugitive’ SELA
When a Looney Tunes hunter launches an invasion? ELMERFUDDDDAY
With 124 Down, setup with a snare DRUM
Wow, as in a drag show SLAY
[I’m freaking out!] GASP
___ Aviv TEL
___ Majesty the Queen HER
___ Rasmussen, first openly transgender mayor in the United States STU