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The Washington Post Sunday – Nov 25 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Breaking Bad’ actress Brandt BETSY
‘Claws’ channel TNT
‘Come over here!’ PSST
‘Go away!’ SHOO
‘No, thank you’ ILLPASS
‘Self Control’ singer Branigan LAURA
‘Stan & ___’ (2018 film about an early 20th-century comedy duo) OLLIE
‘That’s what they say’ SOIHEAR
‘Wasn’t that funny?’ GETIT
‘Well, look at that!’ AHA, HELLO
116 Down material ORE
Actress de Matteo of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ DREA
Ashes holder URN
Astrophysicist Sagan CARL
Band of blooms LEI
Bar hopper’s revelry CAROUSAL
Biblical son of Joseph EPHRAIM
Bibliographic abbr ETAL
Bit of wrangling gear LARIAT
Blacken lightly SEAR
Blazer site, at times CLOSET
Boy in a 1960s sitcom OPIE
By-the-book types PURISTS
Capt. Hook’s first mate MRSMEE
Cardinal’s topper? CAP
Casino card ACE
Casino cube DIE
Challenges to a duel, as with a glove SLAPS
Childish retort ISSO
Cloud chamber particle ION
Comedic Brooks MEL
Completely absurd INANE
Court defense ALIBI
Crushing item PESTLE
Customarily ASARULE
Deck-building material TEAK
Do some cuddling in a minute? SPOONSOON
Dominican-born slugger SOSA
DuVernay who directed the music video for Jay-Z’s ‘Family Feud’ AVA
Easy score for a smashed NBA player? DRUNKDUNK
Enduring aspect of someone’s life LEGACY
Entombed king TUT
Exact retribution for AVENGE
Excite, in slang AMPUP
Flora’s trousers? PLANTSPANTS
Foldable furniture piece FUTON
Former 9-3 automaker SAAB
Genetic molecule RNA
Grammy-winning gospel singer Campbell ERICA
Grp. promoting school read-a-thons, perhaps PTA
Handles for crooks ALIASES
Harsh critic of a mad tea party figure? HATTERHATER
Harsh criticism of Arizona politico Jeff? FLAKEFLAK
Heavy underdog’s chances LONGODDS
Holiday ___ INN
Hot sensation RAGE
Huaca Huallamarca city LIMA
Huckleberry Hound co-creator William HANNA
Initiating litigation SUING
Intersected MET
Jordanian city that was once the capital of the Nabataean empire PETRA
Kid who proved to be skilled in 88 Across, informally ANI
King in ‘Antigone’ CREON
Kitchen tool brand EKCO
Like llamas and alpacas ANDEAN
Like platinum DENSE
Literary elder sister of Jo, Beth and Amy MEG
Litter box emanation ODOR
Little rascal’s summer destination? SCAMPCAMP
Lobe in the throat UVULA
Lopsided playoff result SWEEP
Lubricant holder OILCAN
Lunch that’s extremely rich in iron, say? METALMEAL
Magazine’s revenue sources ADPAGES
Mail slots, and what’s spelled out by 11 omissions in this puzzle LETTERDROPS
Maintains KEEPS
Make invisible, as a ship on ‘Star Trek’ CLOAK
Maker of Vytorin pills MERCK
Male pig in a group of directors? BOARDBOAR
Malicious behavior SPITE
Manages, as museums CURATES
Mark of Blue Öyster Cult? UMLAUT
McEntire of ‘Tremors’ REBA
More affable NICER
MTV toon Morgendorffer DARIA
NBA coach Kerr STEVE
Neglected district SLUM
Nibble, bird-style PECKAT
Odense residents DANES
Off-target AMISS
Offend in a big way APPALL
Olympic skating medalist Cohen SASHA
Omar on screen EPPS
On the ocean blue ASEA
Oscar, e.g HONOR
Outing in a wagon HAYRIDE
Part of a concert harp PEDAL
Pattern in a poem METER
Payment given to a bridge guardian? TROLLTOLL
Phone feature APP
Plain text? ATLAS
Prickly bushes BRIARS
Prince Adam’s alter ego HEMAN
Private lesson provider TUTOR
Privy to, as a plot INON
Rare thing found in a restaurant, maybe STEAK
Reclined LAIN
Regain strength HEAL
Relax in a bubble bath SOAK
Rep of the ‘With Arms Wide Open’ band? CREEDCRED
Result of a splash RIPPLE
Result of exposure to poison oak ITCH
Royal figure’s title LORD
Sandra Ann ___ (birth name of the German pop singer Sandra) LAUER
Say the wrong question on ‘Jeopardy!,’ say ERR
Sesamoid bones PATELLAS
Shoppe sign adjective OLDE
Slithery creature EEL
Smoke-filled room, if the chemistry experiment goes awry LAB
Songwriter Russell LEON
Sporting events in the Star Wars universe PODRACES
Square in a comic book PANEL
Step during a duel PACE
Stethoscope inventor Laennec RENE
Sunflowers’ supporters STEMS
T-shirts in a T-shirt cannon, e.g AMMO
Taking in the sights? SEEING
Teletubby with a repetitive name LAALAA
Thanksgiving dessert PIE
The ___ Hole (famed California bakery) DONUT
Tree fluid SAP
Trouble greatly EATAT
Trufflehunter of Narnia, e.g BADGER
Truncate SHORTEN
Unprocessed RAW
Wee ones LADS
Weighty obligation ONUS
Wharton grad’s deg MBA
What it often takes to earn a degree YEARS
___ Claire, Wis EAU
___ it (walks) HOOFS
___ therapy ART