The Washington Post Sunday – Nov 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘And there it is!’ TADA, ETVOILA
‘How to Overthrow the Government’ author Huffington ARIANNA
‘Insecure’ network HBO
‘Paradise Lost’ genre EPICVERSE
‘Solar’ writer McEwan IAN
‘The Dream’ artist, 1931 DALI
‘Toodles,’ in Tottenham TATA
‘We’re losing time!’ CMON
Animal enlarged in the horror film ‘Gnaw: Food of the Gods II’ RAT
Answer to Rick James’s joke ‘What did the five fingers say to the face?’ per an episode of ‘Chappelle’s Show’ SLAP
Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Jones JULIO
Avoids courses FASTS
Bank statement? THISISASTICKUP
Beetle noise source? HORN
Benchmark NORM
Big thing for a braggart EGO
Body of language, briefly VOCAB
Cake in a shower BARSOAP
Campus mil. program ROTC
Canadian home of Carleton University OTTAWA
CARE provision AID
Catch a glimpse of ESPY
Cigar smoker’s output PUFF
Clockwork component GEAR
Cloud over a lake MIST
Coating for many cans TIN
Cobbler’s creation SHOE
Continuous onslaught BARRAGE
Convention handout IDTAG
Cooler drinks, maybe BEERS
Creamy party bowlful BEANDIP
Dennings on screen KAT
Descends, as from a cliff RAPPELS
Doesn’t report for duty, maybe GOESAWOL
Dress shirt ornament STUD
Eisenhower, familiarly IKE
Electric flux symbol PHI
Element associated with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius FIRE
Element associated with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius AIR
Emblem on government documents, often SEAL
Energizes, with ‘up’ PEPS
Enjoy, as one’s Life? MUNCH
Entry in a March Madness office pool BRACKET
Equivalent of 32,000 ounces ONETON
Eric’s nickname on ‘Bonanza’ HOSS
First Nations people CREE
Fist bumps DAPS
Former Argentine president Alfonsín RAUL
Former Gucci Shops chairman Gucci ALDO
Galifianakis who voiced the Joker in ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ ZACH
Genre that influenced two-tone music SKA
Grilling events, for short BBQS
Grilling in grad school ORAL
Had to pay OWED
Hashtag often paired with #TimesUp METOO
Head of a certain family DON
Health profession? IFEELGREAT
High to the max TALLEST
Highlight for Met fans? ARIA
Hit with a laser beam ZAP
In a florid way ORNATELY
Incite GOAD
Indian city that turns into an Indian form of music when scrambled AGRA
Island in a palindrome ELBA
ISP owned by Verizon AOL
It was planted on the moon in 1969 USFLAG
It’s scanned in poetry IAMB
Jasper with many works inspired by the 80 Down JOHNS
Job-site monitor, briefly OSHA
Light side of philosophy YANG
Like many auto parts USED
Locale of Hephaestus’s workshop, in myth ETNA
London in the fashion world STACY
Made into a movie, say ADAPTED
Manhattan College rival IONA
Mark on a crossword tournament puzzle ERASURE
Melting mass ICECAP
Mia’s portrayer in ‘Pulp Fiction’ UMA
Mortises’ inserts TENONS
Nativity scene group MAGI
Newman of 1970s SNL LARAINE
Number in the musical ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’? TEN
Olive ___ OYL
Olympic objectives GOLDS
Orbit City family JETSONS
Outer organ SKIN
Palindromic baby food PAP
Political activist’s plea VOTE
Preschool attendee TOT
Prez who signed Medicare into law LBJ
Principal MAIN
Project Mercury org NASA
Psychic’s gift, allegedly ESP
Rabble-rouse AGITATE
Recent payroll addition NEWHIRE
Record holder? RAPSHEET
Recording medium AUDIOTAPE
Reptiles with hoods ASPS
Rocker Valentino SAL
Saxophonist Stan GETZ
Sea where many ships were abandoned ARAL
Secure, as a ship MOOR
See 109 Down FINALE
Serbia-Montenegro divider? AND
Shout after a slice FORE
Societal division CASTE
Solved, as a cryptogram DECODED
Some IHOP dishes CREPES
Sonic Youth guitarist Ranaldo LEE
Spins a la Saturn ROTATES
Stand with shelves ETAGERE
Steakhouse serving SIRLOIN
Steps on a Brazilian dance floor, say SAMBA
Stoker of horror stories BRAM
Struck by Cupid’s arrow INLOVE
Stuns AWES
Subject of DNA analysis GENE
Tennis player Naomi, or where she was born OSAKA
The A of LGBTQIA, informally ACE
They’re delivered by a server EMAILS
Time saver? READER
Total ___ (Nutrition Facts quantity) FAT
Turn signal? ITSYOURMOVE
Vatican City capital EURO
Wharf-building material TEAK
What the rich may wage on the poor CLASSWAR
With 111 Across, big number GRAND
Witnesses’ recitations OATHS
Word of estimation ABOUT
Word that precedes and rhymes with ‘suit’ ZOOT
Zombie’s liquor RUM
___ acid (food preservative) BENZOIC
___ Claus MRS
___ Cruces, N.M LAS
___ gin fizz SLOE
___ it in the bud NIP
___-Missouria Tribe OTOE

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