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The Washington Post Sunday – Oct 11 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Washington Post Sunday Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘A Little Bit of Heaven’ actress WHOOPIGOLDBERG
‘Anchors ___!’ AWEIGH
‘Dear Martin’ author Stone NIC
‘DO NOT ___’ (street sign) ENTER
‘Downton Abbey’ actress JOANNEFROGGATT
‘Exit full screen’ key ESC
‘Hey, look at this!’ OHO
‘Hey, look at this!’ AHA
‘I ___ explain!’ CAN
‘It’s possible’ PERHAPS
‘Roseanne’ co-star JOHNGOODMAN
‘Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith’ actor HAYDENCHRISTENSEN
‘Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker’ actress DAISYRIDLEY
‘The King Has Lost ___ Crown’ (Abba song) HIS
‘The Politician’ star Ben PLATT
‘This is real bad for me’ IMDEAD
‘This spells doom’ UHOH
‘To repeat myself …’ ISAID
‘___ the Right One In’ (2008 vampire film) LET
Acquaintance of Goat, Pig and Zebra in ‘Pearls Before Swine’ RAT
Acting as expected, and an alternate title for this puzzle INCHARACTER
An arm or a leg LIMB
Antelope one may see in the Zambezi Valley IMPALA
Apple device with Thunderbolt ports IMAC
Apt surname for an environmentalist GREENE
Average fella SCHMO
Band that David Bowie called ‘the band of the future’ in 1977 DEVO
Bills once in Italian ATMs LIRE
Boats similar to cutters SLOOPS
Body shop sight AUTO
Break in continuity GAP
Brought up, as kids REARED
Car tire holder RIM
Carbonated beverages COLAS
Catches, as a fugitive NABS
Cell game, e.g APP
Charlie Parker’s style BOP
Clear comprehension GRASP
Command given to sharpen a grainy digital photograph, in TV crime drama tropes ENHANCE
Condemns vigorously DAMNS
Considers anew RETHINKS
Contaminates TAINTS
Cosa ___ NOSTRA
Cucumber ___ (Indian yogurt dip) RAITA
Dairy Queen orders SUNDAES
Diner menu letters BLT
Discharged, as photons EMITTED
Dominates, in slang OWNS
Don of ‘Crash’ CHEADLE
Drifts gently WAFTS
Earl’s title LORD
Elle’s courtroom dress color in ‘Legally Blonde’ HOTPINK
Emulate drill sergeants YELL
Event planner’s concern LOGISTICS
Eyewear for the Marvel superhero Blade SHADES
Feature of Ella Fitzgerald’s recording of ‘One-Note Samba’ SCAT
Fell dramatically CRATERED
First-___ (top-notch) RATE
Frayed fabric feature RIP
Genre for the band AFI EMO
Go before ANTEDATE
Google Earth predecessor ATLAS
GP-to-be’s exam MCAT
Greet like a politician would GLADHAND
Having more funds RICHER
Includes, as in Gmail CCS
Inflicted on DIDTO
It may spell doom OMEN
It’s slashed at a sale PRICE
Item at a regatta OAR
Jacuzzi water tester TOE
Kicked off BEGAN
Knievel who called himself ‘the last gladiator in the new Rome’ EVEL
Laid down all of one’s Uno cards first, say WON
Leaves suddenly BAILS
Like one who’s lost control IRATE
Linguistically sparing TERSE
List shortener ETC
Love to bits and pieces ADORE
Many madrassa students ARABS
Meal plans RECIPES
Mention verbally UTTER
Modern pet name BAE
Monster in the video game ‘Quake’ OGRE
National Yoga Month SEPTEMBER
NBA Hall of Famer Robinson DAVID
Nonbinary possessive pronoun THEIR
Olden times YORE
Oozing mass BLOB
Origin of ‘Delicious Dish’ skits on NBC SNL
Parisian landmark with bells named for saints NOTREDAME
Participated in a dash RAN
Parts of a Greek map ISLES
Patriotic Japanese cheer BANZAI
Penny’s value, compared to a dime ONETENTH
Pickleball court divider NET
Places in boiling water STEEPS
Plastic bag alternative TOTE
Player’s words after deciding to split? HITME
Pounded fastener NAIL
Prefix with classical NEO
Proceeded effortlessly COASTED
Related to an eye part CORNEAL
Roam (about) GAD
Rock climbing gym need ROPE
Sailor’s post MAST
See 40 Across BOY
Sequence of notes from a chord ARPEGGIO
Shakespeare’s ‘shortly’ ANON
Sharpened, as a blade HONED
She once tweeted: ‘We all have an incomplete understanding of reality. Let’s complete the puzzle together and have a clear understanding of what is happening.’ ONO
Site for fabric softener DRYER
Sites for idle mowers SHEDS
Sixth of a fluid ounce TEASPOON
Soaks up the Sun, say? READS
South Carolina’s state fruit PEACH
Star of the 1990s TV series ‘Clueless’ RACHELBLANCHARD
Stuck around STAYED
Stuck around longer than OUTLIVED
Suffer anguish (over) AGONIZE
Temple feature DOME
Temple feature ALTAR
The bird Stephen Jr. (named after Stephen Colbert), e.g EAGLE
Thesis intro? ANTI
Thickness measurer CALIPER
To a great extent MOSTLY
Toppings on 30 Across, at times OREOS
Train set component RAIL
Trudeau of Canadian politics JUSTIN
Try to shred TEARAT
Variety of salmon COHO
Vehicle often ‘split’ CAB
Went by 34 Down or 91 Down RODE
Western mode of travel? HORSE
Whack SWAT
When the Allied forces invaded Normandy DDAY
Wildebeests GNUS
Wireless mouse batteries, maybe AAS
With 93 Down, ‘Man oh man!’ HOO
Wood stove fallout ASH
Wood work, e.g.? ART
YouTube clip preceders ADS
Zilch NONE
___ track (product of a musical feud) DISS
___ vu DEJA