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The Washington Post Sunday – Oct 14 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Chicken Run’ creature HEN
‘Hair’ pieces? ACTS
‘How you doin” omission ARE
‘Orange Is the New Black’ prop CUFFS
‘Precious Things’ singer Tori AMOS
‘Shoot the Moon’ singer Jones NORAH
‘The Marvelous ___ Maisel’ (Amazon dramedy) MRS
‘There’s an injured soldier here!’ … and a hint to 10 answers in this puzzle MANDOWN
‘Thick as a Brick’ and ‘Solid as a Rock,’ e.g SIMILES
‘To put it differently …’ IMEAN
‘Totally agreed with the above comment’ THIS
‘___ again …’ ONCE
Adjudge DEEM
Administrative branch ARM
Afirmación enfática SISI
Ally of Max in a 2015 ‘Mad Max’ film FURIOSA
Amsterdam party wheel EDAM
Backup group BTEAM
Balaam’s transport ASS
Balancer at a circus SEAL
Beckoning word COME
Best effort, athletically AGAME
Bony labyrinth location EAR booking ROOM
Cabinet-checking group? SENATE
Calvin, to Hobbes PAL
Carol time, briefly XMAS
Carried TOTED
Catholic church structure APSE
Channel associated with a ticker CNN
Channel associated with a ticker? AORTA
Charlottesville inst UVA
Close END
Cocktail that may consist of lager and Sprite SHANDY
Coffeehouse emanation AROMA
Colorado River tributary GILA
Compound used as an oxidizer in fireworks SALTPETER
Conjure an image of ENVISION
Crack, so to speak SOLVE
Daisy family perennial OXEYE
Dance with trance RAVE
Deep ___ (songs not often heard on the radio) CUTS
Determined using logic REASONED
Display flexibility BEND
Domain for all sailors SEVENSEAS
Drawers, e.g ARTISTS
Dutch city where the painter Johannes Vermeer was born DELFT
Embryo sac site OVULE
Emulate a bad egg ROT
Eve who wrote ‘The Vagina Monologues’ ENSLER
Exploitative lending USURY
Far from controversial TAME
Feedback in a tunnel ECHO
Figurative attempt STAB
First word in many California city names SANTA
Fishing tool ROD
Foe of the mythological serpent Jörmungandr THOR
Force into servitude ENSLAVE
Former muscle car featured in ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ TRANS
Fragrant plant resin BALSAM
Garment worn before throwing a punch, perhaps ROBE
Gemologist’s interests STONES
Graphic shown in an ‘Indiana Jones’ travel sequence MAP
Gray who portrayed Kate on ‘Silver Spoons’ ERIN
Hawaiian menu fish AHI
Helgenberger of ‘CSI’ MARG
Hellenic vowel ETA
Helps with a bank job ABETS
High-ranking military official MARSH
Highway heavyweights SEMIS
Hotel chain where you can redeem Wyndham Rewards points RAMADA
In-state opponent of Stanford, briefly UCLA
Investment option, for short IRA
IT worker’s concern SYSTEM
Judith who won a Tony for ‘Hurlyburly’ IVEY
Landing site during Operation Neptune NORMA
Like self-titled albums EPONYMOUS
Like some epic poetry HOMERIC
Like tetrodotoxin from a puffer fish LETHAL
Literally, ‘permissible’ HALAL
Louis Armstrong, e.g TRUMP
Macron’s negative NON
Magical teen niece of Hilda and Zelda SABRINA
Member of a piano trio? PEDAL
Middle-earth being ORC
More impudent BRATTIER
Natural green coat MOSS
Noise heard on a range MOO
One adhering to a 107 Down diet MUSLIM
One with a small part BITPLAYER
Panda ___ (live feed at a zoo) CAM
Periodontitis sites GUMS
Places to be marooned ISLES
Potential aria singer ALTO
Precious orbs PEARLS
Primatology specimen APE
Proceeds effortlessly COASTS
Producers of 20s, first seen in the ’60s ATMS
Red Disney bird IAGO
Red symbol on the flag of England CROSS
Resident of Europe’s ‘Capital of Peace’ GENEVAN
Ride to a certain station POLICE
Scatters, as seeds SOWS
Scheduled SLAT
Screen ___ SAVERS
Send suggestive signals FLIRT
Short hopper? ROO
Short-tailed weasels ERMINES
Show surprise, say EMOTE
Singer Sheena Easton’s original surname ORR
Sitcom set during a war MASH
Site of a metalworking strike? ANVIL
Soapmaking material TALLOW
Social groups? TEASETS
Soothing substance ALOE
Source of winter thrills SLED
Sources of yogurt DAIRIES
Sprite you can’t drink ELF
Squat units REPS
Stack in a printer REAM
Steep, as meat MARIN
Stinging ocean predator ANEMONE
Stuff in an underground network SEWAGE
Sun’s makeup, mostly PLASMA
Sushi roll fish EEL
Takeout menu possessive TSOS
Temporarily not talking to someone, in a way ONHOLD
Those with supporting roles? PILLARS
Toast topper, at times AVOCADO
Trains on the western border of El Salvador? ELS
TV princess Elena’s kingdom AVALOR
Unseen ex-wife of Niles on ‘Frasier’ MARIS
Upolu denizen SAMOAN
Very impressive, in slang ALLTHAT
What carrier pigeons carry MESSAGES
White House privilege VETO
Wine repositories CELL
Without a brand name GENE
Zion National Park formations MESAS
___ board (salon item) EMERY
___ card SIM
___ gas INERT