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The Washington Post Sunday – Oct 18 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Washington Post Sunday Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Animal Farm’ structure STY
‘Captain Phillips’ Oscar nominee Barkhad Abdi, by birth SOMALI
‘Change of Habit’ role NUN
‘Don’t know yet’ letters TBA
‘Euphoria’ network HBO
‘Never gonna happen’ NOPE
‘Rhoda’ actress Harper VALERIE
‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn ___’ TREADER
‘The Sound of Music’ song about musical notes DOREMI
‘Whole ___ Rosie’ (AC/DC song) LOTTA
‘You bet!’ SURE
‘___ bad!’ NOT
‘___ Dead Redemption 2’ (Western-themed video game) RED
‘___ guys’ (informal pronoun) YOUSE
‘___ Holmes’ (2020 Netflix mystery film) ENOLA
‘___ you!’ SAYS
*Like ‘Argo’ or ‘Fargo’ (gearshift option) RATEDREVERSE
*Major antioxidant in orange juice (scale) VITAMINCELSIUS
*Music festival swag (test answer) TRUESHIRTS
*Pizza chain that once featured animatronic shows (drug) CHUCKECSTASYCHEESE
*Some steak orders (ideal gas law variable) TEMPERATUREBONES
*Time to attack (element) HYDROGENHOUR
*U.S. president who signed the Marshall Plan (direction) HARRYSOUTHTRUMAN
Aeschylus’s ‘lord of strife’ ARES
Affirmative vote YEA
Animated dog voiced by Homer Simpson POOCHIE
Animated group that celebrates Rainbow Day and Unhappiness Day SMURFS
Bad routine reaction BOO
Be down with a bug AIL
Best in moving products OUTSELL
Black trailer? OPS
Blue ‘Breaking Bad’ stuff METH
Boxes providing balances, briefly ATMS
Branch of biology ANATOMY
By this exact deadline ATTHELATEST
Canyon section RIM
Child support? BOOSTERSEAT
Chris Redd’s show, for short SNL
Complex space UNIT
Construct for Freud EGO
Consumer protection? BIB
Cover of the song ‘Winter Wonderland’? SNOW
Creator of the musical ‘New York Rock’ ONO
Curling asset AIM
Dakota, to Elle SIS
Darjeeling pouch TEABAG
Dealers’ boss KINGPIN
Did a caricature of APED
Dismal SAD
Display of defiance, informally TUDE
Eliminate remotely? ZAP
False-sounding solution LYE
Far cry? SCREAM
Far from flush PALE
Feint like Wayne Gretzky DEKE
Fiery feeling RAGE
Fighting force MILITIA
Forest ruminant DOE
Former SoCal athlete LARAIDER
Fungal problem for wood DRYROT
Gadot of ‘Justice League’ GAL
Gave (out) METED
General Mills product CHEX
Genre of Marina Apollonio’s works OPART
Go green, say TINT
Go over some powder SLED
Grotto of Redemption’s state IOWA
Gym ___ RAT
H, for a sorority ETA
Immature iris, say BUD
Incredibly terrible HEINOUS
Inspiration for ‘Day Tripper,’ per McCartney LSD
Introspective style EMO
Jupiter, e.g ORB
Levels RAZES
Lifestyle vlogger Gutowski EVA
Lighter emission FLAME
Like gnomes WEE
Lisa Ling’s employer CNN
Litmus test substance BASE
Manner of speaking TONE
Many a revolutionary MARTYR
Marine symbol of silence CLAM
Match, in a game SEE
Mid-Atlantic colonist? ANT
Might MAY
Missouri Western State University city, familiarly STJOE
More likely to exhibit spiteful behavior PETTIER
Natural pollution fighter TREE
Not going too fast, say INTEMPO
Obey sigma notation in a math class ADD
Old Testament hunter that inspired one of Elgar’s ‘Enigma Variations’ NIMROD
One could last a few years ERA
One sleeping in a bookstore, perhaps CAT
Org. that released the Smoke Sense app EPA
Oscar nominee for best costume design for ‘Indiscretion of an American Wife’ DIOR
Parties by palms LUAUS
Piece of formal attire TUX
Piece of formal attire VEST
Place mentioned in many publications by the Sentencing Project JAIL
Play station on a virtual game night DESK
Poker player’s study ODDS
Postgame wrap material ICE
Pulitzer winner Wharton EDITH
Put forth ISSUED
Pyrolusite, e.g ORE
Regarding that matter THEREIN
Ruler called ‘the Great’ PETERI
School that awards the Queen’s Prize for French ETON
See 118 Down DELHI
Setting of Anne Enright’s 2015 book ‘The Green Road’ IRELAND
Settle, as a loan REPAY
Shimogamo Shrine site KYOTO
Short movie monster? DRAC
Shrink back in terror COWER
Siding protector EAVE
Site of yoga classes SPA
Ski resort featuring the Devil’s Castle peak ALTA
Smooth move SEGUE
Sparks on a TV set HAL
Split territory? LANE
Spotted EYED
Spread dandelion seeds, say BLOW
Statement after a trip IMOK
Stuff in some Heinz jars RELISH
Stunned states DAZES
Subjects of Facebook alerts EVENTS
Suffering, as from loss BEREAVED
Sweep the floors, say TIDYUP
Sydney rock engraving depiction EMU
Table that may hold a statue of Buddha ALTAR
Tendency to stay at rest INERTIA
They’re examined during a rhinoscopy SINUSES
Tiny taste SIP
Transvaal settlers BOERS
Treat especially well PAMPER
Turn back ZAG
Uncommunicative MUM
Uniform SAME
Villain’s venue LAIR
With 10 Down, site of the Hindustan Times’s headquarters NEW
___ Repulsa (villain in ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’) RITA