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The Washington Post Sunday – Oct 25 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Washington Post Sunday Crossword.

Clues Answers
’09 World Series champs YANKS
‘Assuming I’m right …’ IFSO
‘Dance With the Devil’ actress Perez ROSIE
‘Friends’ character played by Matthew Perry WEREWOLFBING
‘Horror of Dracula’ star Christopher LEE
‘Long’ numbers, maybe ODDS
‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ voice actress Zellweger RENEE
‘Phantom Lady’ actress Raines ELLA
‘Quit slouching!’ SITUP
‘Strange Things Happening’ singer James ETTA
‘The Black Knight’ composer ELGAR
‘The Dead Don’t Die’ actress Gomez SELENA
‘The Haunting of Sarah Hardy’ actress Ward SELA
‘The Rite of Spring’ composer VAMPIRESTRAVINSKY
‘___ Blood’ (TV show) TRUE
‘___ Craven’s New Nightmare’ (1994 film) WES
Fantastico!’ OLE
:, on a test ISTO
Abominate DETEST
African setting of Brian Littlefair’s novel ‘Desert Burial’ MALI
America’s national mammal since 2016 {BI}SON
Ammo one may confuse with airsoft pellets BBS
Battler of Hercules ARES
Beer store selection CASE
Being dragged along INTOW
Black wind, often OBOE
Body that sounds scary ERIE
Bollywood music pieces RAGAS
Bomb, or a word before ‘bomb’ S{TI}NK
Brooding animal HEN
Bus. head CEO
CA/ND/ID picture USMAP
Change, as boundaries REZONE
Chicken ___ KIEV
Comedian who hosts his own show on Adult Swim ZOMBIEANDRE
Common crafting material PAPER
Comparatively crowded DENSER
Construction site vehicle with a boom lift (transformation in 80 Across) TELESCOPI{FC}{UH}{LA}{LN}{MD}{OL}{OE}{NR}
Cot spot BASE
Countess, e.g NOBLE
Create MAKE
Creature in the horror comedy film ‘Stung’ WASP
Creeper in a garden SLUG
Cursed SWORE
Demonstrate delight EXULT
Destroy, like the Hulk SMASH
Devilish action SIN
Direct (to) REFER
Disinfectant brand LYS{OL}
Dracula, to Van Helsing FOE
Dread-and-wonder feeling AWE
Duration SPAN
Emulated the Headless Horseman RODE
Energizing (transformation in 108 Across) INV{BI}{IG}{TO}{ER}ATING
Falkirk folks SCOTS
Feature of many a purported ghost photo BLUR
Feature of some scary roller coasters LOOP
Firm message? MEMO
Food order phrase TOGO
Friction reducer LUBE
Genre of deadmau5’s song ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff’ ELECTRO
Ghost town population NOONE
Gothic ___ (genre that mixes elements of mystery and horror) NOIR
Hairstyle lasting a while PERM
Halloween party snack CHIPS
Halloween period FALL
Hideous-sounding fruit UGLI
Himalayan load bearers YAKS
Hook’s source of terror, briefly CROC
Horror legend Lugosi {BE}LA
Identify incorrectly MIS{LA}BEL
It began for tennis players in 1968 OPENERA
KitchenAid product STOVE
Let another time RERENT
Light and snarky form of applause GOL{FC}LAP
Like many ghost stories ORAL
Like many low-budget horror films INDIE
Like some pressure (transformation in 68 Down) ATMOSPH{BE}{IR}{TI}{EC}
Like thin trails of smoke WISPY
Little head? LAV
Look while in a trance STARE
Lounge LOLL
Make a point with one’s artwork? STIPPLE
Maligning moniker EPITHET
Many Musée d’Orsay works RENOIRS
Means of spooking somebody on Halloween PRANK
Med. test that often drops its second letter CATSCAN
Memorable one-word line uttered by Catwoman in ‘Batman Returns’ MEOW
Nerve fiber AXON
Non-ovine flock’s cry AMEN
Not merely crave NEED
Oh Henry! candy bar ingredient NUT
Online health info source WEB{MD}
Ooze like the Blob SEEP
Peak position? RANGE
Priest’s robe ALB
Processed rock ORE
Promote, as suspicion SOW
Pugsley and Wednesday, e.g SIBS
Rejoin a sports league after leaving it, say U{NR}ETIRE
Responded in court PLED
Rooney of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ MARA
Rosticciana meat PORK
Running scientific subjects LABRATS
Satan’s quality EVI{LN}ESS
Satisfy, as criteria MEET
Savannah herbivore ELAND
Schedule space SLOT
Sci-fi character who sang ‘Oh, on the Starship Enterprise’ {UH}URA
See 31 Across GIVER
See 43 Across ACID
Seek forgiveness (for) A{TO}NE
Sent to one’s account EMAILED
Site of Japan’s Triangle Park, which hosts an annual Halloween party OSAKA
SoCal pro LARAM
Sort of ABIT
Spirit ___ (adhesive used for affixing wigs) GUM
Starting point OR{IG}IN
Stereotypical cosplayer GEEK
Stop working for a time TAKETEN
Subject for a sexologist KINK
They’ve been close for a long time OLDPALS
Those with high spirits? STONERS
Tint of some prints of ‘Nosferatu’ SEPIA
Tiny terror IMP
Tony winner Judith or Drama Desk Award winner Dana IVEY
Tragic figure of a Sophocles play {OE}DIPUS
Trial software items that AOL once sent to its users at no cost FRE{EC}DS
TT car manufacturer AUDI
Turkmenistan neighbor {IR}AN
Unadon fish EEL
Vehicles seen in ‘Godzilla’ TANKS
Wax art class item CRAYON
Went to a masquerade ball without a mask, e.g ERRED
Whimper MEWL
Wield a crowbar PRY
Wild West persona LON{ER}
With 113 Down, compound produced through catabolism AMINO
With 59 Down, Newbery Medal-winning dystopian novel by Lois Lowry THE
Word before Lingus AER
WWII battle town that’s an anagram of 1 Down STLO
Zrenjanin resident SERB
___ the line TOED