The Washington Post Sunday – Oct 28 2018

Clues Answers
‘And here’s to you, ___ Robinson …’ MARS
‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ actor Tommy NOONAN
‘Inferno’ director Howard IRON
‘It’s a tough job, but the work gets done’ IMANAGE
‘Oh Lord, that’s wrong’ GODNO
‘That’s it!’ AHA
‘___ a miracle!’ ZITS
‘___ been around’ IVE
*’On the way!’ COMPOUNDING
*Computer networks ECOSYSTEMS
*Creature with a deadly gaze GORGONZOLA
*Free, as a car after a snowstorm DININGOUT
*Police operation STRANDING
*Strait bordering the Arctic Ocean BEWILDERING
Accept, with ‘in’ OPT
Adjusts, as laces RETIRES
Agitate STIR
Ambient music pioneer LENO
Android letters EMAILS
Applying trickery SLY
Approximating phrase ORSO
Arm-y gesture? HUG
Arrived at home, in a way SLID
Audited, as a class SATINON
Australian native EMU
Avoids litigation SETTLES
Be taken for PASSAS
Before AGO
Benefits AVAILS
Big NCAA contest SEMI
Breath markings RESTS
Buddies on deck MATEYS
Cake producers BANKERS
Cariou who won a Tony for ‘Sweeney Todd’ LEND
Carrier of tablets MOSES
Catfishing, e.g SCAM
Cathedral fixtures ALTARS
Chicken sticker TINE
Coat with butter, say BASTE
Commemorative pieces ODES
Concern following a sports championship RIOTING
Cousin ___ (Dennis Farina’s character in ‘Snatch’) AVI
Crumpled (up) WADDLED
Customary practices MORES
Developer of NASA’s computers in the 1960s IBM
Dr. ___, producer of 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ DIRE
Emerson’s ‘happy town beside the sea’ BOSTON
Encumbered (with) SADDLED
Exude OOZE
Feeling expressed in ‘O del mio dolce ardor’ AMORE
Fifth step on a scale SOLD
Figure in a 1973 scandal AGNEW
Film noir classic DOA
Fiona of ‘Killing Eve’ SHAW
Fruity drink mix TANG
Get positioned ORIENT
Ghostwriter of ‘An Ideal Husband’? WILDE
Ghostwriter of ‘Hugh Selwyn Mauberley’? POUND
Ghostwriter of ‘The Beast Within’? ZOLA
Ghostwriter of ‘The Fountainhead’? RAND
Ghostwriter of ‘The Prague Cemetery’? ECO
Ghostwriter of ‘Under a Glass Bell’? NIN
Gold in sportscasting ELI
Grp. sponsoring Read Across America NEA
Had chips, say ANTE
Havens off the highway INNS
His final review was about ‘To the Wonder’ EBERT
History class period? ERA
Home theater spot ADEN
Improvisational tune RAGA
In play, in a way FAIR
It separates two boxers VERSUS
Jannings of ‘The Blue Angel’ EMIL
Kathy Bates’s alma mater, for short SMU
King’s or queen’s attire DRAG
Lacking in complexity FACILE
Like many a résumé ONEPAGE
Lily’s woe ROOTROT
Living toy MALTESE
Long-limbed LEGGY
Maine or Ohio symbol? DOT
Make a bubbly noise GURGLE
Make a delivery to many people ORNATE
Make shorts changes, say ALTER
Manner of movement GAIT
Meat lover, perhaps GOURMET
Minister (to) TEND
Minute WEE
Miss the mark, as on a field goal attempt GOWIDE
Most accessible NEAREST
Muted, as colors PALE
Nebraska senator Ben SASSE
Neon’s atomic number TEEN
No. 4 in 95 Across ORR
Not taken by ONTO
Oktoberfest vessel TANKARD
Orbit segment ARC
Pacific nation that adopted its constitution on Nov. 4, 1875 TONGA
Panthers QB Newton CAME
Part of a stand-up routine OBIT
Part of ABD BUT
Party person, briefly? POLO
Pavlovian response? NYET
Plant used to make hibiscus tea ROSELLE
Polar Music Prize recipient of 2012 YOYOMA
Political scientist Bremmer IAN
Produced barbs GIBED
Queen played by Liz in 1963 CLEO
Reason for a health inspector’s alarm RAPT
Red star’s time to shine? ATBAT
Result of pressure TENSION
Ring-shaped formations ATOLLS
Rip apart TEARUP
Roller for a high roller DIE
Rowing machine, in slang ERG
Saison palindromique ETE
Scheduling abbr TBA
Seasonal drink, maybe ALEC
Small piece of coding instructions GENE
Smidgen TOAD
Smoothie ingredient MELON
Smoothie ingredient ALOE
Some fruits depicted on Willy Wonka’s lickable wallpaper ORANGES
Sommelier’s detection AROMA
Spiced drink, at times NOG
Stage weapon CAPGUN
Steamed RILED
Streaming problem LAG
Subjects of many Skeptic articles UFOS
Super Bowl LII-winning coach Pederson DOUG
Tall column of smoke on a deserted isle, e.g SIGNAL
Team of players TROUPE
To date SOFAR
Trackers once made by Chevrolet, e.g GEOS
Trivial complaint UNIT
Universal issue? RELEASE
Viscous mass GOO
Web services giant AWOL
West of Hollywood MANE
Wings locale BAR
Xzibit strength RAP
___ degree NTH
___ forces NAVAL
___ mode ALDA

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