The Washington Post Sunday – Oct 7 2018

Clues Answers
‘Assassin’s ___’ (video game franchise) CREED
‘Body of Evidence’ actress Archer ANNE
‘E.T.’ singer Perry KATY
‘Fawlty Towers’ waiter MANUEL
‘I’ll pass, but thanks’ NOTFORME
‘Nope, sorry ’bout that’ FRAIDNOT
‘Operator’ singer Croce JIM
‘Scrubs’ actress Chalke SARAH
‘That makes sense’ IGOTCHA
‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ author LEWIS
Advanced beyond childish concerns GREWUP
Afternoon refresher NAP
Aykroyd of ‘Dragnet’ DAN
Band from Europe, despite its name ASIA
Beverage brewed in Morocco MINTTEA
Big U.S. labor union NEA
Birds that lay eggs resembling avocados EMUS
Bit of subterfuge RUSE
Black and ___ TAN
Blowing a fuse GOINGAPE
Brand of baking tools OXO
Brand of candy sold in rolls MENTOS
Bryn Mawr reunion attendee, e.g ALUMNA
Busts some acrobatic moves … and a hint to finding six moves busted across black squares in this puzzle BREAKDANCES
Canyonlands formations MESAS
Chronometric quantity TIME
Classic by the Kinks LOLA
Clear the board ERASE
Climate change, e.g ISSUE
Complete spectrum GAMUT
Condition for a person who’s deeply absorbed TRANCE
Corrosive solution LYE
Couldn’t say no HADTO
Cultural sphere ARTSCENE
Cut, as in a wood shop SAWN
Dendriform Tolkien creatures ENTS
Dermatological abnormality CYST
Detonated substance TNT
Detonation area TESTSITE
District LOCALE
Divination practitioners SEERS
Dog whose voice is a ‘bad imitation of Peter Lorre,’ as quoted in the New York Times REN
Domicile’s overhang EAVE
Emulate Marvel’s Falcon SOAR
Enclosure at Petco CAGE
Enthusiastic supporter of Chicago sports teams, in a series of SNL sketches SUPERFAN
Exhibit one’s humanity ERR
Extreme antipathy HATRED
Faked out, on the gridiron JUKED
Feats for Olympian Adam Rippon AXELS
Fictional college in ‘Animal House’ FABER
Figure that wrestled with Jacob in Genesis ANGEL
Fix Jet defects, say EDIT
Flummox ADDLE
Foreigner’s specialty ARENAROCK
French cocktail KIR
Frothy mass FOAM
German band that pioneered electronic music KRAFTWERK
Gland in the neck THYROID
Go door to door for political purposes CANVASS
Gossip magazine topic ITEM
Grape holder VINE
Harmoniously ASONE
Heroin-seizing org DEA
High no. for a salutatorian GPA
Hush-hush event TRYST
Indenting, as in Microsoft Word TABBING
It may take you for a spin EDDY
John Denver’s ‘I Guess ___ Rather Be in Colorado’ HED
Legendary craft ARGO
Letter receiver SLOT
Lineup at an Apple store IMACS
Lofty return LOB
Loki, to Thor ENEMY
Maude’s TV widower NED
Messages from a boss MEMOS
Messed up, in slang WACK
Michelle of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ ANG
Mixology measurements JIGGERS
Most antiquated MOSSIEST
Natalia who plays Nancy in ‘Stranger Things’ DYER
Neck tattoo spots NAPES
Norton Sound port NOME
Nothing, in football NIL
Novelist Shute NEVIL
Opened, as a bottle of cabernet sauvignon UNCORKED
Originally known as NEE
Overly meticulous ANAL
Paramilitary force SWATTEAM
Part of a case history? TRIAL
Part of a high-scoring meld in pinochle ACE
Person on errands GOFER
Picasso masterwork GUERNICA
Poké Ball, e.g ORB
Predator’s refuge LAIR
Priestess’s practice, perhaps WICCA
Provost’s URL ender EDU
Rapscallions IMPS
Ready-to-___ WEAR
Rebelled UPROSE
Relaxation command ATEASE
Resident of a Mediterranean island CORSICAN
Rhames of ‘Con Air’ VING
Rice field? MAJOR
Schmidt played by Ellie Kemper KIMMY
Sculling implements OARS
Shape of some mirrors OVAL
Showstopper from a mezzo, say ARIA
Silent method of communication, briefly ASL
Sound from a ragdoll MEOW
Space surrounded by woods GLADE
Start of a religious appeal IPRAY
State of being new RECENCY
Street sign shortening THRU
Swarm (with) TEEM
Take down a notch ABASE
Taqueria dish TAMALE
Temple openings PORES
Tenor Enrico CARUSO
Tessellated design MOSAIC
The A of the ABC islands ARUBA
They’re often fleeced EWES
Tilton who played Lucy Ewing on ‘Dallas’ CHARLENE
Tiny amounts IOTAS
Tiny arachnid TICK
Tom’s co-star in ‘The Post’ MERYL
Trickle (out) SEEP
Uncovered? NAKED
Variety of ice cream or pizza NEAPOLITAN
Velodrome event RACE
Vessel’s passageway CANAL
VIP in Catholicism SAINT
Volatile sort HOTHEAD
Weapon wielded in ‘The Revenant’ RIFLE
What may be dug up by some robbers GRAVE
Without needing any effort ONAPLATTER
Wrap you may see at an Indian restaurant SARI
Zap with a beam LASE
___ oil OLIVE
___ up (intensify) AMP

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