The Washington Post Sunday – Sep 16 2018

Clues Answers
‘As of a moment ago, that belongs to me’ INOWOWNIT
‘Big’ WWI gun rules BERTHAREIGNS
‘Care to snooze?’ WANTANAP
‘Do ___ others …’ UNTO
‘How about we attempt to use jargon’ … or an alternative form of storytelling? LETSTRYLINGO
‘How come it’s that guy’s luxury boat?’ WHYHISYACHT
‘Jeepers, we’re about to watch the ‘Light My Candle’ musical!’ … or an alternative form of storytelling? GOLLYITSRENT
‘Still, Mr. Rogers …’ EVENSOWILL
‘Wide World of Sports’ creator Arledge, when he played a sport ATHLETEROONE
14th version of actor Nick (after version A, version B, etc.) NOLTEN
ABC talk show with Whoopi and Joy THEVIEW
Absorbent cleaners SPONGES
Actress Liv misplaced martini liquor … or an alternative form of storytelling? TYLERLOSTGIN
Amazes dweeb WOWSGEEK
Armor material plus cold castle material IRONANDICE
Athenian’s Z’s ZETAS
Author Morrison author Morrison TONITONI
Back talk about paper ballot pieces CHADSSASS
Big snake at a Bulls-Hawks contest, e.g NBAGAMEBOA
Bread units depart LOAVESGO
Business magnate TITAN
Calculus pioneer EULER
Camper’s structure TENT
CBS drama until 2015 CSI
Cheese in lasagna RICOTTA
Cocktail with lime juice GIMLET
Collection of Moisés, Matty, Felipe and Jesus baseball cards ALOUSET
Dalai ___ LAMA
Debtors’ promises IOUS
Did as instructed OBEYED
Diminishes WANES
Diving birds that resemble ‘The King’ ELVISLOONS
Drag show stars with many creative flashes IDEAQUEENS
Dweeb triumphs NERDPREVAILS
Ear-cleaning brand QTIP
Eden exile’s difficult evening ADAMSROUGHNIGHT
Edmond who wrote many treatises on the rules of games HOYLE
Electric ___ (fish) EEL
Experience a Nevada gambling mecca again RELIVERENO
Expression not meant to be taken literally IDIOM
Fifth emperor of Rome NERO
Final letter, to a Brit ZED
Find a new tenant for RELET
Former chief justice Warren, when he would emulate Tarzan APEMANEARL
Former Russian royal working for an intergovernmental org UNTSAR
GM navigation system user’s disease ONSTARITIS
Have actress Long accompany you BRINGNIA
Have one burger holder EATABUN
Hawaii’s state bird NENE
Horse’s or zebra’s hair MANE
Houston pro player ASTRO
Human nemesis of Bugs ELMER
Hunt for SEEK
Hurdler/bobsledder Jones with a repetitive first name LOLO
Insignificant haunches MEREHIPS
Justice Bader Ginsburg RUTH
Killer whales that specialize in legal exemptions WAIVERORCAS
Lawn surface covered in air rifle ammo BBGRASS
Maintenance of the ‘Smooth Operator’ singer’s image, briefly SADEPR
Major chicken supplier TYSON
Marijuana grown by ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor Chris PRATTWEED
McGregor of ‘Haywire’ EWAN
Misfortunes WOES
Moo goo ___ pan GAI
More affectionate AAA service FONDERTOW
Mule’s parent ASS
Nickel fraction CENT
Nickname of the 26th U.S. president when he imitated a cornfield bird THEODORECROWSEVELT
Nickname of the first U.S. president when he ate a gourd family fruit GEORGESQUASHINGTON
Obnoxious kid living in a landlocked African country ZIMBABWEBRAT
Official who certifies documents NOTARY
Ones preserving a salve BALMSAVERS
Opposed to the ‘Rosanna’ band ANTITOTO
Order to QB Manning to use his wings FLYELI
Outback bird’s kissers EMUSLIPS
Pants mishap RIP
Part of an hr MIN
Pieces sung by pairs DUETS
Poet Silverstein’s boob tube SHELSTV
Prudish person riding some sty denizen PRIGONAPIG
Question to a group of domestic pets about their identities AREYOUHOUSECATS
Red Muppet’s termination ELMOSEND
Reject, as charges DENY
Religious dissent that’s fit for consumption EDIBLEHERESY
Remove salt and pepper from a dish, say UNSEASON
Romantic droid LOVEBOT
Senatorial assistant AIDE
Series of bloody, cheerful songs … or an alternative form of storytelling? TENGORYLILTS
Sick but still powerful … or an alternative form of storytelling? ILLYETSTRONG
Small, green legume PEA
Snitch’s Apple product ISTOOLIE
Some story about being permissive ALENIENTTALE
Something that is almost but not quite a hair-curling item QUASIROLLER
Songs about a Hanukkah pancake LATKETUNES
Spew out brunch fruits GUSHMELONS
Start of former Soviet leader Brezhnev’s oath of office (assuming he would say it in English) ILEONID
Streetcar carrying the lead singer of the Police … or an alternative form of storytelling? STINGTROLLEY
Terse headline that asserts ‘Ghostbusters’ character Dr. Spengler is naked EGONNUDE
Touch one clarinet insert gently PATAREED
Track shapes OVALS
Trims again, as bushes REPRUNES
Weaver’s contraption LOOM
Week-long winter celebration featuring bright lights and signs NEONKWANZAA
What uncovered presents might say to you, if they could speak WRAPUS
Where to find actress Witherspoon’s organs INREESE
You’re reading one CLUE

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