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The Washington Post Sunday – Sep 2 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A Doll’s House’ role NORA
‘Dividing the Estate’ playwright Horton ___ FOOTE
‘Giant’ writer Ferber EDNA
‘Interesting …’ HMM
‘Mayday!,’ on a ship SOS
‘Mr. Robot’ channel USA
‘My IQ’ singer DiFranco ANI
‘Pinky’ director Kazan ELIA
‘Soul Provider’ singer Michael BOLTON
‘Take On Me’ rockers AHA
‘The Karate Kid’ actor Ralph MACCHIO
‘Well, well, well!’ OHO
100 percent ALL
1719 novel about songbirds perched atop a castaway? ROBINSONCRUSOE
1883 novel about how riches and territory are the same thing? TREASUREISLAND
1902 novella about the essence belonging to Untouchable Eliot’s evil counterpart? HEARTOFDARKNESS
1911 children’s book about a hidden lair of needlefish? THESECRETGARDEN
1931 novel about a shortage of slime? THEGOODEARTH
1949 book about a duel assistant’s former spouse? THESECONDSEX
1959 novel about the cool state police officers employed by a celebrity? STARSHIPTROOPERS
1982 sci-fi film inspired by Pong TRON
1997 novel about a U.S. history grad student’s exam? AMERICANPASTORAL
95 percent, say MOST
A-lister’s brief part CAMEO
Accumulation PILE
Android program APP
Annoyed continually ATEAT
Apt rhyme of ‘courts’ TORTS
Audacity GALL
Bill seen in Bangkok BAHT
Bit of Chihuahua cash PESO
Bit of drag show wear BOA
Bit of livestock feed OAT
Blemish on a rug STAIN
Bowl supporter TRIVET
Bridge seat EAST
Bruins surname, once ORR
Captain whose name is Latin for ‘nobody’ NEMO
Celebratory gesture TOAST
Cellist’s cake ROSIN
Christmas concert tune NOEL
Clippers’ arena? SEA
Comes to a close ENDS
Common crime for Carmen Sandiego THEFT
Composer Thomas ARNE
Cornfield measure ACRE
Cosmologist’s time unit EON
Currently leading AHEAD
Day ___ (relaxing site) SPA
Devoted fan ADMIRER
Disreputable group BADLOT
Distinctive mark above Odysseus’s knee SCAR
Distribute ALLOT
Disturbing signs, maybe OMENS
Don’t bother LETBE
Early online forum USENET
Eggs that may be frozen OVA
Far from edgy TAME
Fashion scarves, say KNIT
FBI lab collection DNA
Feature of the side of a football helmet EARHOLE
Ferris wheel locales FAIRS
Fort ___ (site of ingots) KNOX
Frank ___ (Leslie Nielsen’s role in ‘The Naked Gun’ films) DREBIN
Geology 101 topic EROSION
Globe of the Great Southwest city ODESSA
Guesstimating phrase ORSO
Gunslinging Wyatt EARP
Herbivore with hooves MOOSE
Hero of medieval Spain ELCID
Heroic narrative SAGA
Home of the Herald MIAMI
Homeric classic ILIAD
Honest ___ ABE
How a recluse prefers to live ALONE
In the matter of ASTO
Infuse with oxygen AERATE
Is compelled HASTO
It precedes Foxtrot in the NATO alphabet ECHO
Italian opera theme AMORE
Known earlier as NEE
Letters carrier MAILTRUCK
Like white lions RARE
Little Caesars rival PAPAJOHNS
Lively circle dance HORA
Looks forward to AWAITS
Low-___ diet CARB
Martial art with armor KENDO
Material found in Malaysian mines TINORE
McGregor of ‘Big Fish’ EWAN
Medical instruments with cameras, for short SCOPES
Mel whose epitaph says, ‘Music, the greatest good that mortals know / And all of heaven we have below’ TORME
Mexican folk song covered by Ritchie Valens in 1958 LABAMBA
Motion picture problem? BLUR
Move from a sensei CHOP
New York liberal arts college located in the city of the same name ELMIRA
Nobelist Pavlov IVAN
One entering through a small door, perhaps PET
Ones paying flat rates? TENANTS
Opening for a quarter SLOT
OR inserts IVS
Paintballs, e.g AMMO
Permanently damage RUIN
Pick up, as a vibe SENSE
Political position STANCE
Pre-game nerves JITTERS
Quip quality, hopefully WIT
Receptacles on mantels URNS
Remote fort OUTPOST
Representative’s reply AYE
Resistance figure OHM
Road runners? AUTOS
Roof option for an old Buick Regal TTOP
See 11 Down CODE
See 41 Across BREAD
Site with handicrafts ETSY
Small financial amount PITTANCE
Space ___ AGE
Spelling of Hollywood AARON
Spider’s octet LEGS
Spider’s octet, often EYES
Spots for crowns TEETH
Subject of Nelson Lichtenstein’s book ‘The Retail Revolution’ WALMART
Subtle auction signal NOD
Sunlit spaces ATRIA
Tavern fliers DARTS
Tennis great Agassi ANDRE
Time to kill on stage? SOLO
Trickle (through) SEEP
Try to make a basket SHOOT
Tyreese’s sister on ‘The Walking Dead’ SASHA
Uncle ___ (pen name for poet Silverstein) SHELBY
Vehicle shared in a big city, at times BIKE
Where a spade may be laid TOOLSHED
Where Bolt would bolt TRACK
With 3 Down, sweet bakery product BANANA
With 48 Down, system of ethical standards at many a college HONOR
Woodroof who was the subject of ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ RON
Ye olde towne yeller CRIER
[You cut me off!] HONK
___ chocolate HOT