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The Washington Post Sunday – Sep 27 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Washington Post Sunday Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Battlestar Galactica’ actress Helfer TRICIA
‘Citizen ___’ KANE
‘Crazy Rich Asians’ director Jon M. ___ CHU
‘Help me,’ e.g PLEA
‘Inconceivable!’ CANTBE
‘It Takes Two’ twins OLSENS
‘Later,’ in Le Havre ADIEU
‘Married … With Children’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’ co-star KATEYSAGAL
‘Stormy Weather’ singer Waters ETHEL
‘Why not ___?’ BOTH
‘You’ve Got Mail’ director NORAEPHRON
‘___ diem!’ CARPE
‘___ to the Thief’ (2003 Radiohead album) HAIL
‘___ ___ Baby’ (hit for Vanilla ___) ICE
100 percent accurate EXACT
1973 National Women’s Hall of Fame inductee Keller HELEN
Address for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle DUDE
Admirer’s exclamation OOH
Ancient nomadic warrior HUN
Apple’s G5 desktop, e.g IMAC
Arcade machine insert TOKEN
Atoms that have an unequal number of protons and electrons IONS
Basilica table ALTAR
Beneficial quality ASSET
Bent out of shape CROOKED
Bio section of a newspaper OBITPAGE
Black ___ (hip-hop duo featuring string instruments) VIOLIN
Boas and such NECKWEAR
Boatloads TONS
Box full of breakers PANEL
Brand of dressings and marinades KENS
Brownish pear BOSC
Business card abbr TEL
Cable giant offering Xfinity packages COMCAST
Calorie, e.g UNIT
Cardinals legend Brock LOU
Chrysanthemum containers VASES
Competitive advantage EDGE
Contribute ADDIN
Cosmetics brand acquired by Natura &Co in 2020 AVON
Decline, in influence WANE
Due-in hrs ETAS
Easily irritated PRICKLY
Ellipsoidal OVAL
Emulate pirates MARAUD
Enclosure for shark divers CAGE
Enjoying REM, say ASLEEP
Explorer Hendrickson for whom the Field Museum’s Tyrannosaurus rex is named SUE
Explosion from the surface of a white dwarf NOVA
Fate for some granted political asylum EXILE
Flaky mineral that’s an anagram of 15 Down MICA
Food, water, etc NEEDS
Gained financially profited
Gandhi who serves as the president of the Indian National Congress SONIA
Garam ___ (Indian spice blend) MASALA
Good to go AOK
Guys carrying clubs BATBOYS
Handle on an app USERID
Heir space? ESTATE
Home of the French aquarium Océanopolis BREST
How some cinematic sword fights are fought TOTHEDEATH
Hydrologist’s subject SEA
Infomercial phrase ASSEENONTV
It shelters in a shell HERMITCRAB
Jazz singer Cassidy EVA
Just barely ATAD
Key hit when starting a new paragraph ENTER
Lasik surgery targets EYES
Like azaleas, to cats and dogs TOXIC
Like many adopted pets RESCUED
Link up with TIETO
Liquid bead source PORE
Lisa Kudrow and Meryl Streep’s alma mater VASSAR
Longtime ‘liberal lion’ of the Senate TEDKENNEDY
Main mode of travel? CRUISE
Massage parlor option OILRUB
Meaningless INANE
Met unexpectedly, with ‘upon’ CHANCED
Metaphor for initial romantic chemistry SPARK
Necromancer’s haunt CRYPT
Next-in-command after the ship’s first officer SECONDMATE
NL West pro PADRE
Not just like ADORE
Note-taking implement PEN
Note-taking implements PADS
Notice about a snow day cancellation, e.g ALERT
Nuclear reactor items RODS
Offering from Santa TOY
Old-school yet trendy RETRO
On a horse, in a way ASTRIDE
One of two in the U.N.? DOT
One-year contract, maybe LEASE
Opened a smidge AJAR
Org. administering the GRE ETS
Overbite correctors BRACES
Parliament’s lavatory LOO
Piano mover, at times? VAN
Pin count TEN
Potential results of rap battles? DISSTRACKS
Propelled, as a pigskin THREW
Protagonist of ‘The Last of Us’ video games ELLIE
Pursued a seat RAN
Recipients of fan mail IDOLS
Routine component BIT
Safe, as crackers EDIBLE
See 117 Across PARTS
See 19 Across VERA
Seek treasure, in a way DIG
Shape whose number of sides is equal to this answer’s clue number HEPTAGON
Showers RAINS
Slight trace of color TINGE
Smoked bagel topper LOX
Smoothie seller JUICEBAR
Solemn declaration VOW
Some supplies used in body painting DYES
Something read by a fortuneteller TEALEAF
Spreadshirt products TEES
Starling’s structure NEST
State where Marilynne Robinson’s book ‘Gilead’ is set IOWA
Steel fixture at a skate park RAIL
Streaming annoyances ADS
Subsequently THEN
Sugar apple, by another name SWEETSOP
Surround HEMIN
Tapped, so to speak CHOSE
Taqueria tortilla TOSTADA
Tartan garments KILTS
Tips of missiles NOSECONES
Toss, as a water balloon LOB
Varieties ILKS
Very TOO
Warn, as on the road HONKAT
Wearying routine RUT
What 5 might signify MAY
Wild gathering ORGY
Willow family quaker ASPEN
With 119 Across, divisions in a chorus, and a description of how a choral section has been divided across black squares in five rows in this puzzle VOICE
With 8 Down, moisturizer substance ALOE
Work of art? COMIC
Work over REDO
___ Hirobumi, first prime minister of Japan ITO
___ smear PAP
___-out (poor excuse) COP