Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 11 2018

Clues Answers
Accomplishment FEAT
Actor’s comments ASIDES
Ad focus PRODUCT
Alley howler TOMCAT
Assumed name ALIAS
Beach crawler CRAB
Beautiful boy ADONIS
Behavior CONDUCT
Book sizes OCTAVOS
Bring to bear EXERT
Buddy PAL
Casual eatery DINER
Challenging HARD
Convict’s hope PAROLE
Derisive sound SNORT
Despondent SAD
Determined SET
Dressable toy DOLL
Dropped tomato sound SPLAT
Egg setting NEST
Egotist’s focus SELF
Fasten down SECURE
Films, slangily PIX
Clues Answers
Final, for one TEST
Fragrance AROMA
Generous to excess PROFUSE
Grammar topic USAGE
Grayish SLATY
Home in the country VILLA
Implore BEG
Jargon CANT
Millinery wares HATS
Mongrels CURS
Put into words SAY
Region of Spain ARAGON
Ryan of ‘Top Gun’ MEG
Singer O’Connor SINEAD
Solitary sort LONER
Stair parts RISERS
Storage site BIN
Takes on HIRES
Tenant’s form LEASE
Tolerate ABIDE
Winter song CAROL
Wolfish LUPINE

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