Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Casino __” ROYALE
“For __ sake!” PETES
Ancient France GAUL
Aussie hopper ROO
Beginner TYRO
Better half SPOUSE
Brick carrier HOD
Cart puller MULE
Cart puller ASS
Cause of ruin BANE
China collection TEASET
Citrus fruit POMELO
Concerning ABOUT
Count start ONE
Crooner Robert GOULET
Croons SINGS
Eggy dish OMELET
Fall flower ASTER
Fashionably dated RETRO
Grinch’s creator SEUSS
Group within a group SUBSET
Hammed it up EMOTED
Handyman’s collection TOOLSET
Jazz style BOP
Jelly buys JARS
Jelly’s kin JAM
Juliet’s love ROMEO
Lawyers’ org ABA
Love affair AMOUR
Machinery part COG
Nervous ONEDGE
Nuisance PEST
Otherwise ELSE
Overhead trains ELS
Perhaps MAYBE
Pesto herb BASIL
Prince of India RAJAH
Pub brews ALES
Ripped TORE
Screw up ERR
Simplicity EASE
Sow’s mate BOAR
Stage comment ASIDE
Uses the phone CALLS
Washroom fixtures BASINS
Wealthy travelers JETSET
Western sight SUNSET

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