Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 12 2018

Clues Answers
At any time EVER
Black cat PANTHER
Book part SPINE
Bookish sort NERD
Bridge forerunner WHIST
Bronzer’s kin SPRAYTAN
Bunches ALOT
Casino card ACE
Cobbler’s tools AWLS
Cowboy nickname TEX
Crayon makeup WAX
Diamond club BAT
Didn’t punish SPARED
Easily refuted argument STRAWMAN
Enjoy a novel READ
Fall bloomers ASTERS
Fast runner HARE
Fleet member SHIP
French designer DIOR
Galley item OAR
Isolated APART
It might be pint-sized PAINTCAN
Its home is on the range SAUCEPAN
Lamb’s mother EWE
Like lambs OVINE
Clues Answers
Magic potion ELIXIR
Muralist Diego RIVERA
Numerical prefix TRI
Open space AREA
Pastel shade LILAC
Pigs’ digs STIES
Poverty NEED
Reach across SPAN
Romulus’ twin REMUS
Rushing measure YARDS
Skin woe ACNE
Snoozes NAPS
Some messages TEXTS
Spelunking site CAVE
Stadium section TIER
State game LOTTO
Stepped down ALIT
Swimming spot POOL
Tell tales LIE
Tony and Oscar AWARDS
Twosome PAIR
Witch feature WART
Word of warning BEWARE
World books ATLASES
Zilch NADA

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