Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 13 2018

Clues Answers
‘Gross!’ UGH
‘The Greatest’ ALI
Amu Darya’s outlet ARALSEA
Application USE
Bends out of shape WARPS
Boxing ring border ROPES
Bruins’ sch UCLA
Burns’ partner ALLEN
Calendar entry EVENT
Cargo spots HOLDS
Chem class chart PERIODICTABLE
Comic strip parts PANELS
Dianne of ‘Parenthood’ WIEST
Director Varda AGNES
Egg outline OVAL
Elevator lifter CABLE
Elitist SNOB
Fixture in some basements PINGPONGTABLE
Freud topic EGO
Frisco player NINER
Funny fellow WIT
Galena, for one ORE
Gloss target LIP
Idler BUM
Impassioned ARDENT
Clues Answers
In itself PERSE
Keys in ENTERS
Kid’s book feature POPUP
Look rudely STARE
Magna — CARTA
Man of many words WEBSTER
Man of steel ROBOT
Mayo ingredient EGG
Me, to Michel MOI
Misplace LOSE
Modern NEW
More bad-tempered SURLIER
Nurse’s reading PULSE
Place for play RECROOM
Ranch animal STEER
Raucous bird MACAW
Roofing supply TAR
Say further ADD
Singer Rawls LOU
Soup servers LADLES
Take to court SUE
Ventilate AIROUT
Writer Hecht BEN

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