Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 14 2018

Clues Answers
‘Give — rest!’ ITA
1040 sender FILER
Accountants consult them TAXTABLES
Albania’s capital TIRANA
Antique auto REO
Bandleader Kenton STAN
Book checks AUDITS
Brunch dish OMELET
Bulldog backer ELI
California gridder NINER
Deep sleep COMA
Drill need BIT
Edict FIAT
Had brunch ATE
Highlands girl LASS
Hollowed out CORED
If challenged ONADARE
Jacket part SLEEVE
Kansas City team ROYALS
Leaves out OMITS
Long time EON
Lower in status DEMEAN
Lowpoints MINIMA
Clues Answers
Make fresh RENEW
March 14, to math fans PIDAY
Martin of movies STEVE
Moving carefully EASING
Muhammad Ali’s boxing daughter LAILA
Parlor drinks SODAS
Planetoid ORB
Plops down SITS
Recline LIE
Rock’s — Brothers DOOBIE
Salary recipient EARNER
Seat of County Clare ENNIS
Simian subset BABOONS
Storms RAGES
Stream swimmer TROUT
Summer sign LEO
Tender spots SORES
They hold services TEATABLES
Treasury Dept. div IRS
Undoes a dele STETS
Warring god ARES
With craft SLYLY
Yank living overseas EXPAT

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