Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Alfie” star CAINE
AFL affiliate CIO
Animal, informally CRITTER
Asian capital HANOI
Astronomer’s find COMET
Binary base TWO
Blockhead IDIOT
Cake bit CRUMB
Calendar entry EVENT
Cattle call MOO
Circle spokes RADII
Distraught INTEARS
Eastern path TAO
El __ PASO
Fill up SATE
Full of energy ALIVE
Hardly wordy TERSE
Head, to Henri TETE
Hearty quaff ALE
Labor group UNION
LAPD alert APB
Lead astray DEPRAVE
Leg bone TIBIA
Like Swift stories SATIRIC
Marrying words IDO
Methods WAYS
Mint containers TINS
Newscaster Couric KATIE
Perfect places EDENS
Pricing word PER
Purple berry ACAI
Quite a few SEVERAL
Ready for sleep INBED
Resentful BITTER
Revolver, perhaps DOOR
Roadside eyesore LITTER
Sardonic WRY
Satellite ORBITER
Shed feathers MOLT
Snooze NAP
Sound system STEREO
Stylish CHIC
Third person ABEL
Track act BET
Verb for you ARE
Western contest RODEO

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