Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 17 2018

Clues Answers
‘Golly!’ GEE
Bear lair DEN
Bits of banter JESTS
Brother of Moses AARON
Candle material WAX
Carry on, as war WAGE
Casual top TEE
Chance to swing ATBAT
Chest bone RIB
Concealed SECRET
Conference site of 1945 YALTA
Curved path ARC
Did galley work ROWED
Ditty SONG
Dollar divisions CENTS
Embedded spy MOLE
Eyeball OGLE
Fan call RAH
Farm sight SILO
Fill completely SATE
First woman EVE
Flat floater RAFT
Freud topic EGO
Full of energy ALIVE
Happened AROSE
Hold up ROB
Johnson’s successor NIXON
Clues Answers
Lassoed ROPED
Like some situations NOWIN
Low bills ONES
Marina spot SLIP
Maui greeting ALOHA
Miles off AFAR
Muddy up ROIL
Network practice FILESHARING
Office fixture FILECABINET
Overly TOO
Past plump OBESE
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Prattle JABBER
Purpose USE
Quaker’s pronoun THEE
Quarterback Manning ELI
Request at the deli NOMAYO
Saudi Arabia neighbor YEMEN
Shore eroder TIDE
Sleuth Spade SAM
Sock part TOE
Storage site BIN
Swiss trill YODEL
Target AIM
Twin of Romulus REMUS
Wagon puller ASS
Was pert with SASSED

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