Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 18 2018

Clues Answers
‘Key Largo’ co-star BACALL
‘Shane’ star LADD
Brewing need COFFEEPOT
Brooklyn team NETS
Charter LET
Chophouse order STEAK
Corn serving EAR
Dante topic INFERNO
Debt medium REDINK
Deli choice HAM
Emerson works ESSAYS
Exercise choice YOGA
Future flower BUD
Game caller REF
German steel city ESSEN
Grenade part PIN
Had a snack ATE
Hand over CEDE
Hoopla ADO
Household whistler TEAKETTLE
In the past AGO
Job bonuses PERKS
Kidnap price RANSOM
Louvre location PARIS
McKellen of ‘X-Men’ IAN
Ocelot features SPOTS
Clues Answers
Operative AGENT
Perfect place UTOPIA
Play parts SCENES
Poem type ODE
Potter Wedgwood JOSIAH
Powerful people INS
Prelude INTRO
Refueling break PITSTOP
Require DEMAND
Requires NEEDS
Revered person IDOL
Script bit LINE
Separate APART
Sinuous fish EELS
Slightly open AJAR
Studio stands EASELS
Sunup spot EAST
Tango need TWO
To-do list AGENDA
Treaty PACT
TV spots ADS
Vatican VIP POPE
Wager BET
Web address piece COM
Wild guess STAB
Wooden rod DOWEL

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