Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 19 2018

Clues Answers
‘– Town’ OUR
‘Dig in!’ EAT
‘Forget it!’ NODEAL
‘Graceland’ singer SIMON
— acids AMINO
— Island RHODE
Banish EXILE
Bomb unit KILOTON
Calls on USES
Cape Town currency RAND
Ceremony words IDO
Coop group HENS
Corundum, for one OXIDE
Days gone by PAST
Egypt’s Anwar SADAT
Elementary learning THREERS
Force down DETRUDE
Future embryos OVA
Game of hands POKER
Gave medicine to DOSED
Geological period ERA
Greek group FRAT
Green, in a way ENVIOUS
Hard journeys TREKS
Clues Answers
Holds HAS
Inventor Howe ELIAS
Low digit TOE
Many a time OFT
Negative link NOR
Peculiar ODD
Pistons’ place DETROIT
Plops down SITS
Poet Khayyám OMAR
Put a cap on LIMIT
Redirected route DETOUR
Short book NOVELLA
Singly ALONE
Spirited attack SALVO
Spoil MAR
Staff symbol NOTE
Sub spot DELI
Text adornment EMOJI
Touches down LANDS
TV explorer DORA
Wheel minder SAJAK
Yale student ELI

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