Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 2 2018

Clues Answers
— standstill ATA
Bear’s lair DEN
Bold poker bet ALLIN
Camera part LENS
Cast a ballot VOTE
Composed, as plans DREWUP
Constant complainer NAG
Deli counter sight SCALE
Epic tale SAGA
Foray RAID
Furry wraps STOLES
Hand quintet FINGERS
Harry’s friend RON
Harvest goddess CERES
Highlands family CLAN
Island ring ATOLL
Isn’t colorfast BLEEDS
Longoria of TV EVA
Looking to get even VENGEFUL
Make blank ERASE
Misery WOE
Moray or conger EEL
Mrs. Roosevelt ELEANOR
Nanny’s nappy DIAPER
Clues Answers
Not figurative LITERAL
Not narrow BROAD
Note equivalent to C BSHARP
Painter’s motion STROKE
Penny CENT
Previously owned USED
Put in other words RESTATE
Quick bite NIP
Radio receivers ANTENNAS
Ranch animal STEER
Ready for deployment ONALERT
Reduced amount LESS
Sideways LATERAL
Stepped down ALIT
Stroke of luck FLUKE
Tangle up ENSNARL
Theater parts STAGES
Track events RACES
Truthful HONEST
Turns back REVERTS
Watch part FACE
Wearing less BARER
Winter gliders SLEDS

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