Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 2 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Articles ITEMS
Baker’s supplies YEASTS
Boy king of Egypt TUT
Cars’ scars DENTS
Competitor RIVAL
Controlled DOMINATED
Crunch targets ABS
Diner dish OMELET
Eastern temple PAGODA
Enjoyed avidly ATEUP
Espresso order LATTE
Figure of speech IDIOM
Green, perhaps UNRIPE
Groom’s answer IDO
Hand over GIVE
Happening EVENT
Haysbert of “Lucifer” DENNIS
Insipid BANAL
Italian physicist VOLTA
Kind of bowling NINEPIN
Lover of drama ROMEO
Makes amends ATONES
Mamie’s husband IKE
Method WAY
Mideast natives SAUDIS
Mimic APE
Mine matter ORE
Money, in slang DOREMI
Month of fasting RAMADAN
Ocean’s motions TIDES
Picked by the party NOMINATED
Pretty good grade AMINUS
Print units ENS
Rocker John ELTON
Scrollwork shape ESS
Singer Reed LOU
Sioux people DAKOTA
Stable sight BRIDLE
Stock mark BRAND
Tickle AMUSE
Very bright NEON
Walk with pride STRUT
Web directory SITEMAP
Western contests RODEOS
Writer Levin IRA
Yoga need MAT

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