Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Citizen __” KANE
Already BYNOW
Audacity NERVE
Barrett of Pink Floyd SYD
Bert’s buddy ERNIE
Big lizards IGUANAS
Big Sky setting MONTANA
Binary digit ONE
Blocks DAMS
Bring together UNITE
Calendar box DAY
Check marks TICKS
Concur AGREE
Dance unit STEP
Debutante’s wear BALLGOWN
Discuss TALKOF
Enticed LURED
Evergreen shrub YEW
Exploding stars NOVAS
Extreme pain AGONY
Give the oath of office to SWEARIN
Hot blood IRE
Intended MEANT
Ithaca school CORNELL
Like new pennies SHINY
Magic word PRESTO
Old hand PRO
Oxford, e.g SHOE
Pants part KNEE
Personal record DIARY
Pester NAG
Procrastinator’s words NOTYET
Put down LAY
Rep.’s rival DEM
Research setting LAB
Role for Keanu NEO
Royal address SIRE
Security clip-ons IDBADGES
Silver bar INGOT
Slightly drunk TIPSY
Storage spot BIN
Succotash half BEANS
Take in REAP
Thick slice SLAB
Ticket half STUB
With cunning SHREWDLY
Words to a hitcher HOPIN

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