Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 23 2018

Clues Answers
‘– Ike’ ILIKE
Arguments DUSTUPS
Asterisk STAR
Australian bird EMU
Baseball’s Rod CAREW
Big-billed bird PELICAN
Bond’s drink MARTINI
Boxer Norton KEN
Brought to light DUGUP
Bruce who played Watson NIGEL
Carry on, as war WAGE
Chapeau HAT
Contort TWIST
Does a checkout job SCANS
Don Draper, e.g ADMAN
Doorstops, often WEDGES
Even score TIE
Extend, as a subscription RENEW
Fall behind LAG
Fashion STYLE
Fill with joy ELATE
Fitting APT
Gaggle members GEESE
Grammar topic USAGE
Clues Answers
Greek house FRAT
Has a meal DINES
Like taffy CHEWY
Many a soap opera plotline AFFAIR
Meteorologist’s job FORECASTING
Mex. neighbor USA
Minuscule TINY
Not available INUSE
Old horse NAG
Pigeonholing, in parts TYPECASTING
Playground game TAG
Roadhouse INN
Sanctioned LEGAL
Sheep sound BAA
Sleep spot BED
Speedy horse ARABIAN
Steak choice FILET
Thoroughly disgusted FEDUP
Tour carrier BUS
Tuscany setting ITALY
Use a pew SIT
Yucca’s kin AGAVE

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