Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘– She Sweet?’ AINT
‘Certainly!’ YES
— glance ATA
17-syllable poem HAIKU
Cajole COAX
Canada’s capital OTTAWA
Cart pullers OXEN
Catching need MITT
Central MID
Church offshoots SECTS
Comfy places DENS
Crunchy veggie CELERY
Cry to the torero OLE
Cunning ARTFUL
Cushy SOFT
Dance tape MIX
Detect, in a way FEEL
Egg cells OVA
Farm unit ACRE
Fencing hedge PRIVET
Fetching CUTE
First person ADAM
Fix seams SEW
Float on the breeze WAFT
Fountain orders MALTS
Fried turnover of India SAMOSA
Game official SCORER
Clues Answers
Haunted house resident SPOOK
High point ACME
Hotel amenity SPA
In addition ALSO
Like go-go boots MOD
Like paraffin WAXY
Like some beef LEAN
Line of symmetry AXIS
Long dress MAXI
Loses light DIMS
Lumberjack’s need AXE
Middling card SIX
Milkweed product LATEX
Movie mutants XMEN
News article ITEM
Police concern CRIME
Sawbuck TEN
Short time SEC
Singer Travis RANDY
Surrealist Salvador DALI
Tack on AFFIX
Titan orbits it SATURN
Trapper’s item PELT
Up to, briefly TIL

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