Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Auction buy LOT
Cell phone annoyance DROPPEDCALL
Celtics’ home BOSTON
Color DYE
Colorado resort ASPEN
Compass creation CIRCLE
Convene MEET
Dark-furred martens SABLES
Days gone by YORE
DNA sample tool SWAB
Finale END
Fly catchers WEBS
Friend PAL
Genesis garden EDEN
Grass cutter MOWER
Gum mass WAD
Hot dog holder BUN
Jazz variety BEBOP
Like panhandlers’ hands CUPPED
Like some winter days SLEETY
Lode material ORE
Make moist DAMPEN
Mess up ERR
Netlike fabric MESH
New driver, often TEEN
North African capital TUNIS
Nourished FED
Panama explorer BALBOA
Peony part PETAL
Piano part PEDAL
Pitcher’s stat ERA
Play group CAST
Plumbing piece PIPE
Put down LAY
Pythias’s friend DAMON
Radio parts DIODES
Region AREA
Regret RUE
Satchel part STRAP
Scary shout BOO
Scepter ROD
Stir up AROUSE
Supply with cash FUND
Supply with funds ENDOW
Tad Lincoln’s dad ABE
Tour carrier BUS
Trawling need NET
Twisty fish EEL
Video chat need WEBCAM

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