Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 6 2018

Clues Answers
‘Lonely Boy’ singer ANKA
Abound TEEM
Almanac contents FACTS
Beginning ONSET
Bible pronoun THOU
Biting remark BARB
Boot part HEEL
Bourne’s portrayer DAMON
Butter serving PAT
Chicken choices BREASTS
Choreography bit STEP
Cleveland team, for short CAVS
Close NEAR
Collectively INALL
Comfy spot NEST
Craze FAD
Daniel Day-Lewis film PHANTOMTHREAD
Deck toppers ACES
Dedicated work ODE
Districts AREAS
Dune makeup SAND
Florence’s river ARNO
Formerly known as NEE
Hi from Ho ALOHA
Hill dwellers ANTS
Ignoble BASE
Clues Answers
Impromptu ADHOC
In the way of ALA
It points north COMPASSNEEDLE
Ketchikan native ALASKAN
Light gas NEON
Lightning home TAMPA
Make sport of TEASE
Match component SET
Momma’s mate POPPA
Office helper TEMP
Office helpers AIDES
Ordeal TRIAL
Realty unit ACRE
Rum drink TODDY
Sea dog TAR
Second person EVE
Sits for a portrait POSES
Skilled worker ARTISAN
Splotchy, as a horse PIEBALD
Stellar cat LEO
Tater SPUD
Tuba part VALVE
Utah ski resort ALTA
Wily SLY
Wintry weather SLEET

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