Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 1 2022 Crossword Solutions

Clues Answers
Aerosol output SPRAY
African grazer GNU
Changes, in a way AMENDS
Childhood ailment MUMPS
Church area APSE
Crumb carriers ANTS
Defeated soundly ROUTED
Dropped down DIPPED
Fitting APT
GI-entertaining grp USO
Gorilla, for one APE
Heroin, for one OPIATE
Hindu hero RAMA
Japanese sport SUMO
Join the big leagues GOPRO
Language suffix ESE
Lethal FATAL
Like an abyss DEEP
Makes one’s own ADOPTS
Methods MODES
Molecule’s makeup ATOMS
Moved speedily ZIPPED
Muscular-looking, in slang RIPPED
Museum focus ART
Needed fixing, as a faucet DRIPPED
Nonsense TRIPE
Not busy IDLE
On the __ (fleeing) LAM
Partial BIASED
Peepers EYES
Physics amount MASS
Preceding periods RUNUPS
Rewarded good service TIPPED
Ring event BOUT
Road gunk TAR
Rowing needs OARS
Sixth sense, briefly ESP
Storytelling Dr SEUSS
Thoroughly disgusted FEDUP
Title paper DEED
Tony winner Patti LUPONE
Touches down LANDS
Unmanned plane DRONE
Where images focus RETINA
Whole range ATOZ
__ Vegas LAS

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