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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 13 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ singer DYLAN
‘Tasty!’ YUM
— Quentin SAN
Ancestry LINEAGE
Author Deighton LEN
Bicker ARGUE
Bottled buy WATER
Chilled ONICE
Computer problem CRASH
Cough drop LOZENGE
Diva’s piece ARIA
Droop SAG
Dustin’s ‘Midnight Cowboy’ role RATSO
Egypt’s capital CAIRO
Fan’s favorite IDOL
Farmer, at times SOWER
Fill with wonder AMAZE
Had a meal ATE
Heavy spears PIKES
Jazz club units SETS
Just for fun ONALARK
Laundry staffers IRONERS
Lendl and others IVANS
Lowest die roll ONE
Make addresses ORATE
Makes rounds PATROLS
Mario’s video game brother LUIGI
Medusa’s killer PERSEUS
Minuscule TEENY
Moves slowly EASES
New England state RHODEISLAND
New England state CONNECTICUT
Objective AIM
Peptic problem ULCER
Pop singer Shawn MENDES
Pub brew ALE
Rep.’s rival DEM
Sch. subj SCI
Snake’s poison VENOM
Sophia of ‘Two Women’ LOREN
Spur on URGE
Squirrel’s treat NUT
Throw out SCRAP
Twisty turn ESS
Undoing word NOT
Ventilate AIR
Washington city TACOMA
Wherewithal MEANS