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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 15 2018

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Clues Answers
— blanche CARTE
Altar vows IDOS
Auction buy LOT
Bender TEAR
Budget item RENT
Burger topper ONION
Carry too far OVERDO
Cattle call MOO
Church topic SIN
Coat of arms study HERALDRY
Consign to failure DAMN
Cove BAY
Crime against the state TREASON
Doctrine TENET
Expected DUE
Fabric bundles BOLTS
Fundamental BASIC
Ham it up EMOTE
Hang out AIR
House eater TERMITE
Important age ERA
Is the right size FITS
Kind of question YESNO
Clues Answers
Largest amount MOST
Light touch PAT
Like cheap speakers TINNY
Made hard TEMPERED
Mailbox feature SLOT
Panhandle BEG
Picasso, for one CUBIST
Pound hound MUTT
Quite a few MANY
Salon creations COIFS
Sculpting medium STONE
Set free UNTIE
Spot SEE
Stellar hunter ORION
Successful song HIT
Surgical tool LASER
Tennis need NET
Titled lady DAME
Trait carriers GENES
Treat the turkey BASTE
Treater’s words ITSONME
Trying to lose ONADIET
Waltz and Watusi DANCES
Whatever person ANYONE