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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 22 2018

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Clues Answers
__ out a living EKE
Arrow holder QUIVER
Band blaster AMP
Be rife TEEM
Best Picture winner in 2013 ARGO
Binary base TWO
Brittle candy buy TOFFEEBAR
Bushy ‘do AFRO
Card symbol PIP
Choir voice ALTO
Chow down EAT
Clarinet’s kin OBOE
Clock numeral VII
Crew tool OAR
Crucial KEY
Deck worker MATE
Destiny FATE
Different UNLIKE
Drummer’s partner FIFER
Early shepherd ABEL
Enjoyed avidly ATEUP
Except if UNLESS
Follow TAIL
Freud topic EGO
Gives off EMITS
Go bad ROT
Got up STOOD
Grind together GNASH
Had on WORE
Hobbit helper ELF
Horse restraint HALTER
In cahoots ALLIED
Java joint COFFEEBAR
Like a gymnast AGILE
Linen source FLAX
Loving looks GAZES
Milk buy QUART
Miseries ILLS
Pool hall triangle RACK
Predicament FIX
School event PROM
Singer Turner TINA
Skilled ABLE
Small beard GOATEE
Smell ODOR
Stand up to DEFY
Took the bus RODE
Tousle MUSS
Umbrella parts RIBS
Valentine color RED
Veep’s superior PRES
Was inactive SAT
Weasels’ cousins OTTERS