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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Activist Bloomer AMELIA
Angled pipe ELL
Bakery buy TART
Boxing combo ONETWO
Bronze beater SILVER
Bull features HORNS
Car bar AXLE
Change over time EVOLVE
Chaser of Bugs ELMER
Concluded ENDED
Confined PENTUP
Cry from the crib MAMA
Curbside call TAXI
Derisive cry HAH
Dove’s desire PEACE
Dryer fuzz LINT
Extra amount MORE
File stand-in ICON
Funny Martin STEVE
Futilely INVAIN
Ham or lamb MEAT
History section ERA
Hymn finish AMEN
Jonson works ODES
Least bright PALEST
Like heaven’s gates PEARLY
Lose freshness WILT
Menu choice ENTREE
Nights before EVES
Not built to order READYMADE
Opened, as a fastener UNDID
Peach centers PITS
Pharaoh’s symbol ASP
Physics particle ION
Plug’s place EAR
Portent OMEN
Pro vote YEA
Prominent, in a way ONTHEMAP
Racer Mario ANDRETTI
Refuses DENIES
Retreats DENS
Rotisserie part SPIT
Soccer’s Hamm MIA
Some amount of ANY
Thesaurus wd SYN
Through VIA
Yale rooter ELI