Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 23 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A bunch LOADS
Approach-es NEARS
Arrangements SETUPS
Attempt TRY
Basics ABCS
Bitterness BILE
Bunches ALOT
Cairo’s river NILE
Chopping tool AXE
Corn spike EAR
Encrusted CAKED
Enjoys the reef SCUBAS
Find darling ADORE
Fix text EDIT
French farewell ADIEU
From the neighborhood LOCAL
Got cozy together CUDDLEDUP
Gratuity TIP
Healer Barton CLARA
Island north of Sardinia CORSICA
King or czar RULER
Kitchen tool SPATULA
Knight’s title SIR
Like cacti SPINY
Lunkheads CLODS
Modify ADAPT
Oscar winner Mahershala ALI
Peaks: Abbr MTS
Pig’s place STY
Pigeon sound COO
Pine or palm TREE
Print unit PICA
Revered one IDOL
River stoppers DAMS
Rust compound OXIDE
School paper ESSAY
Sick ILL
Sketched DREW
Smooch KISS
Soft mineral TALC
Son of Zeus ARES
Start of a Caesar quote ICAME
Tedious sort BORE
Thoughtful and logical ANALYTIC
Turn down DENY
Uses a needle SEWS
Varnish ingredient RESIN
Very easy PAINLESS
Water lily’s kin LOTUS
Writing tool PEN
__ loss (confused) ATA

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