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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 24 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Thomas Joseph King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“Norma __” RAE
“The same” DITTO
Boards, as a train GETSON
Bothered ATEAT
Burdensome TAXING
Carried BORNE
Churlish sort BOOR
Cupid’s missile ARROW
Do a checkout job BAG
Edinburgh native SCOT
Elevator part DOOR
Even score TIE
Field game SOCCER
Finishes ENDS
Flamenco cry OLE
Flying mammal BAT
Follow the rules OBEY
Friend of Harry and Hermione RON
Gobi setting ASIA
Hackneyed STALE
History stretch ERA
Hollowed out CORED
In addition TOO
Inquire ASK
It’s worth ten sawbucks CNOTE
Jazz style BOP
Keyboard goof TYPO
Like Santa’s suit SOOTY
Lobster part CLAW
Matador’s foe ELTORO
Move slowly EASE
Museum focus ART
Noted cow owner OLEARY
Past due LATE
Perfumes SCENTS
Pig part SNOUT
Poker game STUD
Roman ruler CAESAR
Sandy color TAN
Sleep spot BED
Spider-Man’s alter ego PETERPARKER
State game LOTTO
Stirrup setting EAR
Take advantage of USE
The Hulk’s alter ego BRUCEBANNER
Voice box LARYNX
Wager BET
Woodland grazer DEER
Zeus or Apollo GOD
__ de guerre NOM