Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 28 2018

Clues Answers
Bar study LAW
Beanie or beret CAP
Blender button PUREE
Brother of Romulus REMUS
Brought in EARNED
Buck’s mate DOE
Burrowing animal MOLE
Bygone gaming parlor PENNYARCADE
Color TINT
Conclude END
Earlier BEFORE
Espresso order LATTE
Fido’s foot PAW
Game caller REF
Hayes of ‘Will & Grace’ SEAN
Hepburn’s frequent co-star TRACY
Incite GOAD
Kits’ parents FOXES
Legal paper WRIT
Lotion additive ALOE
Luau instrument UKE
Mint output MONEY
Persona — grata NON
Picasso’s art CUBISM
Pint-sized PUNY
Pitcher Ryan NOLAN
Preppy footwear PENNYLOAFER
Quarterback Manning ELI
Quartet doubled OCTET
Rage IRE
Ram’s mate EWE
Rat out TELLON
Road goo TAR
Ruby or garnet GEM
Run off FLEE
Sail filler WIND
Saloon BAR
School course MATH
Shooting star METEOR
Small rug MAT
Speculative question WHATIF
Spiked club MACE
Storage site BIN
Strength MUSCLE
The works ALL
Vote in ELECT
Wanting INNEED
Was an obedient dog HEELED
Wife of Zeus HERA
Work phone no EXT

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