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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘– Believer’ IMA
Appears SEEMS
Basketballers CAGERS
Blast of wind GUST
Boulders STONES
California beach city MALIBU
Canada’s capital OTTAWA
Cavalry sword SABER
Cellphone mode VIBRATE
Cheering loudly AROAR
Coffee bar buy LATTE
Controversial 1767 act of Parliament TEATAX
Crone HAG
Drunkard SOT
Fertilizer ingredient NITRATE
Fight site RING
Football plays DOWNS
Frau’s spouse HERR
Friend of d’Artagnan ARAMIS
Gangster’s gun GAT
Greek cheese FETA
Happy words to a producer ITSAHIT
Have something EAT
Ho Chi Minh City, once SAIGON
Impairs HARMS
Incense ENRAGE
Lorelei’s river RHINE
Make over REVAMP
Michael of Monty Python PALIN
Mystiques AURAS
Once more AGAIN
Paul Bunyan’s ox BABE
Plopped down SAT
Quartet’s makeup FOUR
Skeleton makeup BONES
Smoked salmon LOX
Spell HEX
Supplies with staff MANS
Take ten REST
Tart flavoring chemical CITRATE
Travel seasonally MIGRATE
Unseen problem SNAG
Useful skill ASSET
Whittle down PARE
Word separator SPACE