Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 29 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“I do” utterer BRIDE
Attractively old-fashioned QUAINT
Bro’s sibling SIS
Brooklyn team NETS
Buff buff NUDIST
Campus area QUAD
Captain’s superior MAJOR
Deceitful people LIARS
Door sign ENTER
Found darling ADORED
Frightened AFRAID
Frittered away WASTED
Furious IRATE
Golfer’s nervousness YIPS
Guidebook user TOURIST
Hangs low SAGS
Have debts OWE
Island east of Java BALI
June honorees DADS
Keyboard pro TYPIST
Legal expert JURIST
Like mares and fillies FEMALE
Lingerie item BRA
Lofty poems ODES
Money machine ATM
Morphine, for one OPIATE
Next to ALONG
No longer in bed ARISEN
Painter, e.g ARTIST
Phone message TEXT
Piper of rhyme PETER
Plant starter SEED
Prepares cutlets, perhaps BREADS
Reach across SPAN
Resort spots ISLES
Rock group BAND
Saudi Arabia neighbor OMAN
Sea, to Simone MER
Second TV airing RERUN
Singes BURNS
Sorceress of myth MEDEA
Spectrum color RED
Speedy jet SST
Sphere ORB
TV’s Leary DENIS
Use a chair SIT
Writer Stout REX

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