Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 30 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
2015 Paul Rudd movie ANTMAN
Artist’s inspiration MUSE
Bear’s lair DEN
Become narrower at one end TAPER
Big truck VAN
Boater or bowler HAT
Brewed beverage TEA
By now YET
Casino cubes DICE
Christmas song NOEL
Cloth fold PLEAT
Concur AGREE
Cruise setting SEA
Deceive LIETO
Dickens classic OLIVERTWIST
Different ELSE
Distress signal SOS
Failure DUD
Fairy tale monster OGRE
Film prize OSCAR
For each PER
German article DAS
Grownup ADULT
Hardens SETS
Highways ROADS
Hospital worker NURSE
Hush-hush SECRET
Moon-based LUNAR
Moose’s kin ELK
Near the ground LOW
Paris pal AMI
Peony part PETAL
Perfect IDEAL
Pinned-on-top hairstyle FRENCHTWIST
Plant part ROOT
Prom group TEENS
Put away STOW
Rap sheet name ALIAS
Regarding ASTO
Region AREA
River craft KAYAK
River floater RAFT
Sacred bird of Egypt IBIS
Singer Orbison ROY
Stovetop item KETTLE
Supply with funds ENDOW
Take the title WIN
To boot ALSO
Try out USE
Went out, as a fire DIED
Wine choice RED
Zodiac animal RAM

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