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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Airline offering PLANERIDE
Airport aid RADAR
Body shop challenges DENTS
Casino worker DEALER
Curving paths ARCS
Debt medium REDINK
Deceived LIEDTO
Elementary BASIC
Fellows MEN
Fork features TINES
Fries source POTATO
Gardner of ‘Mogambo’ AVA
Handyman’s collection TOOLS
Hawk’s grasper TALON
House muncher TERMITE
Ignored a diet ATE
In the past AGO
Insipid BANAL
Jimmy, e.g LEVER
Lecturer’s aid NOTES
Marine mammal SEALION
Clues Answers
Menagerie member ANIMAL
Pal of Pooh EEYORE
Pollster’s find TREND
Presentation staple CHART
Promise AVOWAL
Rap’s kin HIPHOP
Resistance unit OHM
Ring great ALI
Rock group BAND
Rock unit CARAT
Singer Laine CLEO
Speculate OPINE
Spring shape COIL
Suffer AIL
Supporter’s vote AYE
Take the prize WIN
That lass HER
Top floor ATTIC
Turn outward EVERT
Unequivocal words PLAINTALK
Warring god ARES
Wear away ERODE
Within one’s powers DOABLE