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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Dec 12 2018

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Clues Answers
What the __!’ HECK
Bangor’s state MAINE
Bar bill TAB
Betting info ODDS
Big schnoz HONKER
Binary base TWO
British landscape painter TURNER
Brokers’ numbers QUOTES
By way of VIA
Cabinet wood ASH
Challenging HARD
Check writer PAYER
Chess piece MAN
Chilled desserts ICES
Coffee dispensers URNS
Concerning ASTO
Concerning INRE
Curly-coated dog POODLE
Dyeing tubs VATS
Flimflam HOAX
Forced walk with arms pinned behind the back FROGMARCH
Full range ATOZ
Got up STOOD
Had on WORE
History segment ERA
Hold up ROB
Iran money RIAL
Lies low HIDES
Like dimes THIN
Lumber unit LOG
Maiden name label NEE
Mess up ERR
Money worker BANKER
Moral flaw BLOT
Musical phrase RIFF
Pageant crown TIARA
Patriot Allen ETHAN
Plot unit ACRE
Quill need INK
Region AREA
Scarlett’s home TARA
Singer Feliciano JOSE
Source of answers ORACLE
Spell HEX
Sports summary RECAP
Starts business OPENS
Triangular sail JIB
Trounce BEAT
Turkish topper FEZ
Wee bit IOTA
Wild about INTO
Woodland growth TOADSTOOL