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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Dec 19 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Man on the Moon’ band REM
‘Step aside, I’ll do it’ LETME
Brewery sights VATS
Capitol Bldg. figure SEN
Cell feature BARS
Christian of ‘Mr. Robot’ SLATER
Close SHUT
Comb parts TEETH
Defy authority REBEL
Entreated PLED
Fall back RECEDE
Fastball, in slang HEATER
Floor covers CARPETS
For each APIECE
Friendliness AMITY
Golf goals PARS
Grammatical objects NOUNS
Guest’s bed COT
Here, to Henri ICI
Island ring ATOLL
Kilmer of ‘The Doors’ VAL
Like some garages ONECAR
Make a speech ORATE
Muffler’s kin SCARF
Museum piece RELIC
Oxygen-thriving organism AEROBE
Peruses READS
Possesses HAS
Ref’s decision CALL
Scout’s base CAMP
Secret meeting TRYST
Snow gliders SLEDS
Some sculptures TORSOS
Stadium sound ROAR
Stage direction ENTER
Star of the 1984 Olympics RETTON
Stationery buy PAPER
Supermarket aid CART
Take in SEE
They make cameos CARVERS
Utah neighbor NEVADA
Vault part RIB
Was partial SIDED
Weapons store ARSENAL
Wilma’s husband FRED
Wrist bones CARPALS