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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Dec 25 2018

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Clues Answers
What’s in __?’ ANAME
__ rest ye merry, gentlemen’ GOD
Assn.’s kin ORG
Bar bill TAB
Beneath UNDER
Bob Cratchit’s son TIM
Bring together UNITE
Carnival city RIO
Christmas song CAROL
Christmas songs NOELS
Christmas tree topper ANGEL
Dr.’s grp AMA
Draws toward midnight LATENS
Easy targets SAPS
Factory MILL
Foray RAID
Gift-wrapping stuff RIBBON
Great weight TON
Greek vowel ETA
Harold of ‘Ghostbusters’ RAMIS
Highlander GAEL
Historic times AGES
In the style of ALA
Leaper in a Christmas song LORD
Linking word AND
Clues Answers
Links org PGA
Lubricated OILED
Make amends ATONE
Many a Christmas present TOY
North Pole crew ELVES
Old Atlanta arena OMNI
Person, place or thing NOUN
Poker payment ANTE
Rage IRE
Rocker John ELTON
Ruin MAR
Seething ABOIL
Skiing variety ALPINE
Sleigh driver SANTA
Slight, in slang DIS
Slippery fish EEL
Soccer legend PELE
Swiss canton URI
Table parts LEGS
Thesaurus wd SYN
Throws in ADDS
Track event RELAY
West Point attendees CADETS
White House power VETO
Winter gliders SLEDS
Wintry weather SLEET
With skill ABLY