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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Dec 29 2018

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Clues Answers
2016 Olympics host RIO
Antigone’s father OEDIPUS
Art inspirers MUSES
Auto ding DENT
Baby’s toy RATTLE
Back biter MOLAR
Basilica part APSE
Beliefs TENETS
Boxing ring border ROPES
Car take-back, for short REPO
Cheat at hide and seek PEEK
Chestnut case BUR
Dancer Castle IRENE
DEA agent NARC
Depleted USEDUP
Do over REPEAT
Fall flower ASTER
Forks over PAYS
Friendly seƱorita AMIGA
Fuming IRATE
Good judgment SENSE
Illinois city URBANA
Increase STEPUP
Knack ART
Low wages, figuratively PEANUTS
Lowly farmer PEASANT
Made a choice OPTED
Mo. neighbor KAN
Mob member RIOTER
Nimble SPRY
One-time capital of Alaska SITKA
Private room DEN
Put away EAT
Reaching a high point PEAKING
Requires ENTAILS
Ritzy home ESTATE
Script makeup LINES
Sentence ender PERIOD
Set off APART
Ship pole SPAR
Sphagnum source PEATBOG
Straighten out UNCURL
Stumble TRIP
Theater boxes LOGES
Touch on ABUT
Triton orbits it NEPTUNE
Twitch SPASM
View over RESEE