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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – February 11 2019

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Clues Answers
Alan of ‘M*A*S*H’ ALDA
Aspirin target PAIN
Baltimore suburb ESSEX
Border EDGE
Cat-footed STEALTHY
Country dance REEL
Cowboy nickname TEX
Diamond workers UMPS
Doorstop shape WEDGE
Drinks noisily SLURPS
Fashion STYLE
Firefighting tool AXE
Flank SIDE
Focused beam LASER
French farewell ADIEU
Game cube DIE
Gardner of movies AVA
Genesis woman EVE
Indian gown SARI
Kitchen appliance STOVE
Like some diets LOWSALT
Maple fluid SAP
Minister to TREAT
Molokai neighbor MAUI
Nick and Nora’s dog ASTA
Ones concerned with ethics MORALISTS
Ones who work on walls MURALISTS
Order to Spot STAY
Painter Edouard MANET
Pointer on a poster UNCLESAM
Pool sticks CUES
Printer’s need PRESS
Pub brews ALES
Rust, for one OXIDE
Second U.S. president ADAMS
Slalom section ESS
Snaky fish EEL
Spot in the ocean ISLET
Student of Socrates PLATO
Suitable APT
Summer shirt TEE
Take a breather REST
Trail PATH
Turning point PIVOT
Unwanted email SPAM
Visibly sad TEARY
— a one (zero) NARY
— Angeles LOS
— culpa MEA